The Struts Make It Big in Anaheim On Their Tour De California

Luke Spiller of the band the Struts performing at the House of Blues Anaheim as part of their Tour De California. Photo © Gina Buban

Anaheim, CA – Rock and roll glitter and glam were on full display at the House of Blues in Anaheim on Saturday night when The Struts hit the stage on the second stop of their Tour De California. The sold out crowd was treated to a mesmerizing performance, with lead man Luke Spiller delighting the crowd from the first to last song with his now famous glittery outfits and strut around the stage (which yes, led to the band’s name).

Opening for The Struts was the Los Angeles-based rock / pop punk band Starcrawler, whose theatrical performance and driving riffs got the crowd set for the headliner.

LA based band Starcrawler performing at the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA. Photo © Gina Buban

When Digital Beat Magazine spoke to Spiller earlier this year, he said that fans would be witnessing the evolution of the band, that live shows would be better than ever, and new material and music would be coming out this year. They delivered on all counts.  The group opened strong, getting the audience immediately dancing to “Primadonna Like Me.” Moving onto hits “Body Talks” and “Kiss This” Spiller, lead guitarist Adam Slack, bassist Jed Elliott, and drummer Gethin Davies kept the crowd moving with these favorites and throughout their two hour show.   

Before moving into the second half of their set, fans were treated to Slack performing a lengthy shredding solo highlighting his skills on lead guitar. Both Davies and Elliot proved their mastery on drums and bass during the evening, while Spiller showcased his talent on piano, performing solo behind the keys during the encore for “Somebody New.”

Adam Slack and Luke Spiller performing at the House of Blues Anaheim. Photo © Gina Buban 2020

With fresh takes on songs from both of their albums YOUNG&DANGEROUS and Everybody Wants interwoven into their set, the audience was also treated to two new songs “Nobody Does It Like You” and “Low Key in Love,” which were strong examples of what their upcoming music will be like. Ending the night with “Could Have Been Me,” the band left their fans excited about what the rest of 2020 will bring.

Luke Spiller and Jed Elliott of the Struts performing at the House of Blues Anaheim. Photo © Gina Buban 2020

After completing their Tour De California in San Francisco and Santa Cruz this month, the Struts have a full schedule coming up in 2020, performing at several festivals including SandJam Fest on 4/24 in Panama City Beach, FL, Boston Calling on May 22 in Cambridge, MA, Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati, OH, and at Bonnaroo the weekend of June 14th in Manchester, TN. In addition to multiple other stops in the United States in the East, South, and Midwest, the Struts also have a series of shows set for Japan, Canada, Italy, Spain and France. Visit for more information.


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Show Date: 2/29/2020