Interview: The True Grit and Graciousness of Tom Keifer

Digital Beat Magazine’s Carrianne Stoker-Postier recently had an opportunity to catch up with a renowned frontman who holds a remarkable journey - Tom Keifer. The singer, songwriter, guitarist, and keyboardist discussed his writing process, what it’s like to be #KEIFERBAND, the new album, Rise, and more.

Interview: A Quick Chat with Karl Denson!

June 17, 2019 - Digital Beat Magazine's Pix Meyers recently had an opportunity to talk with Karl Denson - of Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Greyboy Allstars,...

The Accidentals Share A Few Thoughts Before Their Energetic Michigan Performance...

Saugatuck, MI - The Accidentals just released their new album, The Accidentals Live, returned from their first international tour, and persevered after having $70,000 in equipment...

Quick Ten With Music Artist Josh “Desure”

Called a straight shooter, Josh Desure says what is on his mind and his songs reflexed that of him. His songs reflect many of the events that are happening in his life.  He mentions on his bio page that music is his therapy and it is his way of saying what is on his mind.

Quick Ten With Niko Puzio From The Band Kougaran

For something started as a project between two brothers, Niko and Gino Puzio, Kougaran is a Detroit band that is on the verge of exploding into the US market. They have opened for many big national acts, thought out the years. For example, Kougaran has opened for Autograph, White Lion, Janet Gardner (Vixen fame) and Steven Adler (GNR fame). So you can see that this band has worked with some heavy hitters. With their new EP, coming out soon, this band is on that people will sit up and take notice…if they haven’t already.

Quick Ten With Vincent Torres From The Band Awake At Last

While currently on tour and their debut album The Change (via Outerloop Records) coming out, scheduled to be released on June 21,2019, Vincent Torres of the band Awake At Last had a few moments to talk with Digital Beat Magazine. In our quick ten conversation, we were able to chat about the tour, the album and some of his influences. Plus the history of the band and a few other things.

A Quick Ten With DRP

Donny Polinske, also known as DRP, has a busy career in the music business. For the past 15 years, he has been in bands like SORE and PRIMER 55. In 2007 he released a solo CD Underground Kills Corporate with the follow-up CD The King of Ruckus Rap in 2011. Polinske has toured and played with bands like), Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony, Saint Dog and DGAF, to name a few. Polinske is the president of his music label, Force 5.

A Quick Ten With Trev Lukather, Jules Galli, And Sam Porcaro...

ZFG has been referred to as a Serendipitous band by some. With a unique name and sound, as they have, there is a certain chemistry with the band members. Based in Los Angeles, CA what started out as a simple jam that had no rules, turned to something serious with a new EP and a new tour that starts April 17, 2019. Digital Beat MAgazine had a chance to chat with Trev Lukather, Jules Galli, and Sam Porcaro before they hit the road.

Quick Ten with Dakota Sean and Livi Dillion From The Band...

With the release of their new EP A Different Life, Lehighton, PA own Another Day Dawns has been making headway in the rock-n-roll universe. Started out as a cover band, but later evolved into playing original work. The band as a new EP for their fans as well as a new video/single "Psycho". Even though they are busy planning their next step, Dakota Sean and Livi Dillion took a few minutes to chat with Digital Beat Magazine.

Quick Interview With Silent Theory own Mitch Swanger

Idaho rock band Silent Theory released a new video, back in November, called “Before the Storm”. The video/single is about the opioid crisis that has been in the news. Digital Beat Magazine, was able to catch up with Mitch Swanger to chat about the video and writing the song.
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