Album Review: New Album From The Chesterfield, Early Days

When you think of Australia, many things should come to mind. Some example, when you think of Australia, the Sydney Opera House, Koalas, Hugh Jackman (best known as Wolverine) and Chris Hemsworth (currently known as Thor in the Marvel Comics). These are only a few things that the country from down under is famous for, however, there might be something else that will be catching people’s attention soon.

Album Review: Charming Liars New Album, Thought, Flesh and Bone, To...

This is the season for reviews. Outside of the fall, it seems this is the time that bands start to release their albums or EP to the public. Today’s review comes from an Alternative band called Charming Liars. They are a band out of London, United Kingdom West End by Karnig and Mike.

Album Review: Lullwater’s Voodoo Out February 22, 2019

As a writer/reviewer, that reviews albums for a magazine, you receive many requests from band and/or publicity company asking if you could review their...

Review: Inkless Inked Their Spot With A New Album,The Extra Hour

DBM had the opportunity to receive a copy of the album The Extra Hour from the Inkless. The album is the newest creation from the band and was released in November 2018.

Review: 100 Watt Vipers New Album ‘Holy Water’

August of 2018, 100 Watt Vipers released a follow up to their 2017 album Salvation Blues album called Holy Water. (Digital Beat Magazine was able to get a copy to review.) Paul Joseph (guitar) and DJ Riddick (vocals/drums) are the current members of the band. 100 Watt Vipers have separated and reformed in several times since 2013.
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