Lauren Auder’s TWO CAVES IN

'two caves in' cover art

Lauren Auder is a genre-bending singer/songwriter and artist from East London.

In 2018, Auder released Who Carry’s You, their debut EP, which combined sounds as diverse and varied as rap, ambient, electronic and classical music into songs steeped in Christian and mythical imagery. This album was more sparse and insular featuring a starker production style courtesy of DVIANCE anchored by a simple aesthetic fleshed out with emotionally pensive lyrics.

Now, Auder has released two caves in, the second EP. It was written five years ago with very personal material with a strong emphasis on dealing with teenage anguish and coming to terms with accepting who and what you are. two caves in is lush, colorful and warm and has cinematic feel to it that is romantic in tone. The arrangements are highly ornate and extravagant possessing both orchestral and classical leanings and flamboyant flair that is both baroque and modern in sound. There is a richness and opulence to the music juxtaposed to Auder’s unconventional vocalizing that is highly reminiscent of Scott Walker’s deep baritone that by turns is very raw, guttural and dissident which is intriguing and captivating.

two caves in Track Listing
1. june 14th
2. meek
3. laurels
4. the shepherd
5. in god’s childlike hands

“meek” single art

two caves in is a challenging EP to absorb and get through on the first play. The songs are not conventional, catchy or immediately accessible. Though they do bare repeated listenings because the rewards on the other side are great when the five unique tracks come to a close. two caves in serves notice to listeners that they are experiencing something unique from an risk-taking artist with a singular vision and voice.

two caves in is due out March 5th via True Panther and Harvest Records. Pre-order HERE.

Watch Lauren Auder’s “meek”: