The Band Moe. Returns to the Legendary 9:30 Club in DC

Washington, DC – The iconic band moe. returned on Friday to the 9:30 Club in downtown DC. The club was packed with members of the “” ready to rock out during the highly anticipated show. This show was especially meaningful for fans, as it marked guitarist Chuck Garvey’s recovery and return to the stage after suffering a stroke in November of 2021. Garvey’s official first return appearance with the band was as a “special guest” during part of the band’s New Year’s Eve show at the Fillmore in Philadelphia.

The show opened with BJ, Crushing, and Lazarus, launching the vibes in the club to a fever pitch. The fan-base for moe. is wide and inclusive, and thanks to the multi-decade longevity of the band, spans generations. The band is well known for their stunning performance stats, including many headline tours, music festivals both international and state-side, and music themed cruises.

Moe. performs at the 9:30 Club in DC on 1/20/2023. Photo Credit: Kelli Palotay

Moe’s 21-date, 2023 Winter Tour, which focuses on shows on the East Coast, kicks off with the first three shows in NY, NJ, and DC. The first leg of the tour will include two shows in Portland, ME and two shows in Albany, NY. After a short break, the band will continue the second leg of the tour in the South East, with shows in Florida and Atlanta, Georgia.

The band was founded in 1989 in Buffalo, NY, and is going strong 30 years later. The band’s core members remain largely unchanged, with the biggest addition being drummer Vinnie Amico, who debuted in 1996 and is still with the band. Moe’s unique musicality crosses all genres, with a heavy emphasis in progressive rock, neo-psychedelia, and jam band.

Moe. performs at the 9:30 Club in DC on 1/20/2023. Photo Credit: Kelli Palotay

The band consists of Al Schnier (guitar, vocals), Chuck Garvey (guitar, vocals), Rob Derhak (bass, vocals), Jim Loughlin (percussion), and Vinnie Amico (drums).

The 9:30 Club, a longtime DC favorite, opened its doors on May 31, 1980. The nightclub is located in a previously rougher area in DC, near where the 1968 riots that took place. Jon Bowers, a real estate agent with music production dreams, purchased the property along with his wife Dodi Disanto. When the club opened, the neighborhood was still recovering from the riots, with widespread drugs and violence. The original 9:30 Club was eventually purchased by I.M.P. in 1986, which remained open until December 31, 1995. In January 1996, the 9:30 Club had moved to its new location on V Street, NW. It re-opened with a bang, with Smashing Pumpkins playing two sold-out shows. The 9:30 Club continues to be an integral part of the DC live music scene, hosting shows almost every evening.

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Show Date: January 20, 2023