GFM Flexes a Little Beautycore Muscle at Another Round in Richmond, VA

Gold Frankincense and Myrrh performing at Another Round Bar and Grill in Richmond, VA on October 23th, 2021. Photo Credit: © Dave Pearson 2021

Richmond, VA – It was the weekend before Halloween and all through the bar we saw three women on stage, faces with scar. I discovered Gold Frankincense and Myrrh (GFM) pre-COVID. I was intrigued by their unique style they titled ‘Beautycore’. They did not disappoint as they made their second appearance in 2021 on October 23rd at Another Round Bar and Grill in Richmond, VA. 

The three sisters that make up GFM, CJ (guitar and vocals), Maggie (bass and vocals), and Lulu (drums and vocals), took the stage like a Florida summer afternoon storm delivering hard pounding vocals with a thunderous sound. 

GFM taking the stage at Another Round Bar and Grill in Richmond, VA on 10/23/2021. Photo credit: Dave Pearson

If you have never taken in one of their shows (like me), one of the first things you notice is their energy. Another Round is an intimate venue as it is which plays well into the GFM style that thrives by being close to the audience. Complimenting their powerful sound is a powerful message of Christian faith and positivity. They played about 45 minutes of their older and newer songs. With each pounding note, the near capacity crowd worked its way closer to the stage… and the band loved it. 

GFM up close and personal with the crowd at Another Round Bar and Grill on 10/23/2021. Photo credit, Dave Pearson

Some of their songs included “Bones“, “Taking Over“, and “Give Me a Sign“. Before the latter, we did learn that the band had developed a fondness for pumpkin cupcakes, ’tis the season!! One thing that made the show so awesome was their somewhat soft demeanor clashed with the power of the music. 

CJ saying hi to the guy with the camera, GFM at Another Round on 10/23/201. Photo credit: Dave Pearson

Maggie got emotional when she introduced “Where Were You” which, if I understand correctly, was written when they lost a friend to suicide. The message is, when contemplating the unthinkable and times are hard by yourself, seek help, there are many there to help. With the events of the last year +, the message was quite timely. 

Maggie with GFM performing at Another Round on 10/23/2021. Photo credit: Dave Pearson

They ended the night with “The Other Side“, which reminds us that ‘the grass is always greener, on the other side, the valley is getting deeper, without you by my side’. Lulu provided some hard hitting percussion to some very deep lyrics. 

Lulu of GFM driving the sound home at Another Round on 10/23/2021. Photo credit Dave Pearson

GFM is a powerful band with a powerful message. They seem to always be on the go delivering the music and faith to audiences all over. Never experienced the muscle of beautycore up close and personal? If the answer to that question is ‘no’, you NEED to experience a little more GFM. 


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Show Date: October 23, 2021

Want to see more GFM? Check out this video!




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