Ana Popovic Delivers a Six String Sermon That Takes Down the Tin Pan

Ana Popovic performing at The Tin Pan in RIchmond, VA on September 20, 2019. Photo Credit: © Dave Pearson 2019.

Richmond, VA – Ladies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters, we are gathered here today to read about the guitar goddess herself, Ana Popovic, and how she moved the audience at the Tin Pan… I say moved, as they were dancing in the aisles on September 20th.

Do I hear an Amen?

As with any celebration of this magnitude, the pre-sermon fellowship is important. People from all walks of life gathered in the hall to break bread with fellow Ana fans (may I recommend the Whiskey Shrimp?). The intimacy of The Tin Pan makes it a wonderful venue for fellowship before such a sermon. The atmosphere is great and the food is addicting!

Let us bow our heads

Enter the choir to prepare us for what we were about to hear. Consisting of Brooks Milgate (keys), Evan Knight (sax), Pete Clagett (trumpet), Buthel Burns (bass) and Cedric Goodman (drums), they prepared those gathered to see Ana with a kick off that can only be described as tight! After a brief revival-worthy introduction, Ana took the stage. Picking up her ’64 Strat she gave us a little “Ana’s Shuffle” from her 2013 album, Can You Stand the Heat. The congregation approved!

Hallelujah, the six string sermon had begun!

Ana Popovic and her band performing at The Tin Pan in RIchmond, VA on September 20, 2019. Photo Credit: © Dave Pearson 2019.

Strings met Ana vocals with the question, “Can You Stand the Heat”, also from the album with the same title. It was obvious that Ana could not only play, she could sing, her voice complimenting the sound coming from her vintage Strat. Can we stand the heat was the question, the simple answer was, “Yes, and we are going to enjoy it…

Play it for us sister

As the sermon continued, the congregation was treated by a plethora of Ana tunes delivering a powerful blues feel. From the slower, “Johnny Ray” to the very blunt, “Brand New Man” from her most recent album, Like It On Top.

You’d better listen brother!

Ana goes on to explain the significance of the title track from “I Like It On Top”, pointing out that the album is a celebration of women moving up in what were traditionally male dominated roles. Of course, she includes her presence in the blues music scene. After the deliverance of this six-string sermon, she is where she belongs… on top!

Put your hands together!

Buthel Burns solo on September 20, 2019. Photo Credit: © Dave Pearson 2019.

As the night wound down, we were treated to several solos by the members of the band. The most memorable in this correspondent’s mind was the bass solo by Buthel Burns. He delivered a solo deserving of a…




And then, it was over. Even with a busy road schedule, Ana stuck around to meet and greet fans as they left The Tin Pan. Ana does hold a special place in my heart, as she was the second artist to allow me to photograph a show. It is quite probable that without the generosity of her and her management, I may not be writing this today.

Seeing Ana for the second time was better than the first. I was able to enjoy the true emotion that she and the band put into every note. The six string sermon, as I like to call it, was inspirational and uplifting. I look forward to the next time Ana is in town. Until then, let’s have one last…


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Ana Popovic Set List

Intro – by the ‘choir’
Ana’s Shuffle
Can You Stand the Heat
Object of Obsession
Love You Tonight
Long Road Down
New Coat of Paint
Johnnie Ray
Can’t You See What You’re Doing to Me
Brand New Man
Like It on Top
Lasting Kind of Love
Show You How Strong You Are
Mo’ Better Love
We Can Change the World

Show Date: September 20, 2019

To see more of Ana, check out her video, “Can’t You See What You’re Doing to Me”:

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