Kelen Heller Bring It Home

Kelen Heller live at The Radio Room in Greenville, SC on 9/14/2019. Photo © Carrianne Stoker-Postier

Greenville, SC – Rockers Kelen Heller celebrated their first true hometown show in more than five years Saturday night with a packed house and thrilled crowd at The Radio Room. From the high-spirited brotherly bonds between band members and the fun-loving connection with their fans, Kelen Heller brought their mystery and magic home to Greenville – carving out a special evening to all in attendance.

The band’s 2009 formation started a Southeastern buzz before Ricky Shuler (vocals), Efrum Ferguson (lead guitar), Brandon Moore (bass), and Clark Welch (drums) went on to tour extensively and build a national fanbase. Their first full length album, self-titled Kelen Heller, was released in March 2017 and the band is said to be writing new music with anticipation of a 2020 release. Follow the band online to stay updated about new material and a show near you!

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The high-energy of A Light Divided and local rockers Arcane were also on tap as special guests. 

Show Date: 9/14/2019