Trinity Cymbals Celebrates Official Launch of Innovative New Music Company: The Cymbals, The Services, The Artists

Trinity Cymbals Launch Party at Planet Nova Bar & Grill in Stafford, VA on 09/04/2021. Photo Credit @Kelli Palotay 2021

Stafford, VA – Digital Beat Magazine was thrilled to attend the re-launch of the Trinity Cymbals Company on Saturday, September 4th. Graciously hosted at Planet Nova Bar & Grill in Stafford, Virginia, the venue was filled with artists, sponsors, and supporters. The evening featured introductions by the new CEO and staff, along with the three featured artists in attendance, and performances by five local musical groups.

Trinity Cymbals CEO Robert Rodriguez and Partner Lynn Rodriguez at Planet Nova Bar & Grill in Stafford, VA on 09/04/2021. Photo Credit @Kelli Palotay 2021

Trinity Cymbals was acquired in 2021 by new owners Robert Rodriguez and business partner Lynn Rodriguez, and will be under the Canales Music Management Group, LLC. The Canales Music Management Group will be providing music and tour management services, and looking to expand to Nashville, TN in 2022. The company is committed to providing high end products, along with a high level of personal service.

Trinity Cymbals is perfectly summarized by their motto, “The Cymbals, The Services, The Artists.” Trinity Cymbals is focused on providing high quality products handcrafted by top cymbal artisans, and will continue to expand their cymbal lines. Their cymbals continue to be handcrafted in Shandong Province of China, as they have been since 1949. Cymbal-Smiths have learned their craftsmanship directly from their ancestors and continue to produce traditionally cast cymbals from only the highest quality alloy metal. This level of craftsmanship is one of the many things that sets Trinity Cymbals apart from the competition.

Trinity Cymbals CEO Robert Rodriguez of James Rose and The Allstars performing at Planet Nova Bar & Grill in Stafford, VA on 09/04/2021. Photo Credit @Kelli Palotay 2021

CEO Robert Rodriguez began his involvement with the Trinity Cymbals brand three years ago, when he was chosen as an endorsed artist. Understanding on a personal level the impact endorsement can have on an artist, Robert is committed to continue offering that opportunity to other drummers, both established and up and coming artists. Rodriguez is a fixture in the local music scene, as well as being well known nationally. He is a former radio DJ and United States Marine, and his musical repertoire includes drumming for James Rose and The Nashville Allstars, Tonasia, and RUAA, as well as drum teching for Ill Nino and Terror Universal.

Business partner Lynn Rodriguez brings 25 years of marketing, accounting, and service to Trinity Cymbals. She is focused and driven, and is looking to establish Trinity as a stable, successful company committed to providing products and premium services to the drumming community.

Featured during the Launch Party were three of Trinity Cymbals’ featured artists, including Daniel Couto from Ill Nino. Couto brings decades of experience to the brand, and has tested out Trinity Cymbals while performing in shows around the world. Trinity meets and exceeds the demands for high quality instruments, including durability, great aesthetics and tone, and mic-friendliness.

Trinity is also thrilled to announce their other featured artist, Kris Kohls of Nu Metal band ADEMA. Khols is currently on a national US tour. Khols has been with ADEMA since 2000.

Mikey of KYSMET at Planet Nova Bar & Grill in Stafford, VA on 09/04/2021. Photo Credit @Kelli Palotay 2021

Performing artists at the launch included James Rose & the Nashville Allstars, along with Enya Agerholm, Kenny & Mike, Kysmet, and Scott McMillen & The Chase. One of the highlights of the evening was a performance by Anthony San Pietro of the metal band Kysmet and the metal band Saint Diablo.

Trinity Cymbals will be continuing to provide support to established drummers on the national level, as well as up and coming drummers on the scene. Rodriguez is committed to meeting each drummer on a personal level, and encouraging them to continue to grow in their musical journey. Their goal is to “join the right artist with the right sound.”

Community involvement is a priority for Trinity, and beginning in 2022 they will be offering a Young Artist program. This will include a mentorship program, pairing newer artists with more experienced performers and promoters, with the goal of guiding promising young drummers along their own path to the spotlight. Also to come: a Young Artist Scholarship in 2022.

Trinity Cymbals Launch Party at Planet Nova Bar & Grill in Stafford, VA on 09/04/2021. Photo Credit @Kelli Palotay 2021

Upcoming events for Trinity Cymbals in 2022 include the Las Vegas Drum Show on March 19th, and the Music City Drum Show in Nashville on July 9-10th.

Trinity Cymbals would like to thank King Entertainment & Event Production for their support with streaming services, as well as Hasib Hoss, owner of Planet Nova Bar & Grill for hosting the launch.

For more information on Trinity Cymbals visit them online:
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