Queensrÿche Rocks Concord Music Hall

Queensrÿche performing at Concord Music Hall in Chicago on 3/14/2019 Photo Credit: © Ian Bardecki 2019
Michael “Whip” Wilton of Queensrÿche performing at Concord Music Hall in Chicago on 3/14/2019. Photo Credit: © Ian Bardecki 2019

Chicago, Il – Veteran heavy metal prog rockers Queensrÿche made their stop at the Concord Music Hall in Chicago, supporting the March 1st release of their latest album release The Verdict, and promptly rocked the paint off the walls at the venue.

Right from the opening machine gun fire riff and pounding drums, the band opened their set with “Blood of the Levant” which is also the first song on their latest album The Verdict, Queensrÿche had the crowd clearly in their sights tonight. With an audience that featured a great mix of both old and new fans alike, Queensrÿche gave them precisely what they were all looking for. The bands’ setlist included a combination of songs from a variety of albums, including some great new music from their latest release. Todd La Torre also introduced “Light-Years” as the bands next video to be released. Queensrÿche performed their staples such as “Queen of the Reich”, “Open Road” from their self-titled release, “Selfish Lives” off of Condition Hüman, and of course, their top radio hit “Silent Lucidity”. Queensrÿche had a take no prisoners attitude on the evening, and the crowd in attendance was especially appreciative of the groups’ new music, which is a bit edgier compared to their previous releases. You get the feeling that this should have been the natural progression of the band over ten years ago.

Todd La Torre of Queensrÿche performing at Concord Music Hall in Chicago on 3/14/2019. Photo Credit: © Ian Bardecki 2019

Lead vocalist Todd La Torre had the crowd chanting and singing along with several songs including “Queen of the Ryche” and “Silent Lucidity”, and even offered up his percussion talents on several songs with a small drum stand that sat alongside the drum riser. Also when he wasn’t leading them, the crowd still offered their support in singing along with just about every song. The rhythm section of Eddie Jackson and Casey Grillo, who is filling in for an on-hiatus drummer and Queensrÿche co-founder Scott Rockenfield, were without fail. While Grillo is keeping the seat warm, he was just as every bit as relentless as Rockenfield on the drumkit. Eddie Jackson’s playing style and sound were distinctive as always. With Michael “Whip” Wilton on lead guitar and Parker Lundgren handling the rhythm end, the bands’ unique tone and sound were evident all evening.

There are still plenty of chances to catch the band before they head off on the European leg of the tour at the end of July.

Blood of the Levant
I Am I
NM 156
Man the Machine
Condition Hüman
Queen of the Ryche
Silent Lucidity
Open Road
Selfish Lives
Screaming in Digital
Take Hold of the Flame
Eyes of a Stranger

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Show Date: 3/14/19

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