Quick Ten with Dakota Sean and Livi Dillion From The Band Another Day Dawns

With the release of their new EP A Different Life, Lehighton, PA own Another Day Dawns has been making headway in the rock-n-roll universe. Started out as a cover band, but later evolved into playing original work. The band as a new EP for their fans as well as a new video/single “Psycho”. Even though they are busy planning their next step, Dakota Sean and Livi Dillion took a few minutes to chat with Digital Beat Magazine.

Digital Beat Magazine: To begin with, thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Let get the obvious question out of the way, how would you describe Another Day Dawns? What type of genre of music does the band play?

Livi Dillon: We’d describe ourselves as a mix between hard rock and alternative. All our songs have a slightly different vibe to them, which is what makes us stand out.

Digital Beat Magazine: How long have you known each other? How did you all meet?

Dakota Sean: Dakota, Nick and Tyler knew eachother for the last 6 years, it was till about 2 years ago we picked up Livi for the bass position. Nick and Tyler went to the same music school and that’s how they met. They reached out to Dakota through Facebook at the time they were searching for a lead singer.

DBM: In the band’s press release, it mentions that Another Day Dawns when from being a cover band to an original-act. How and what change? What made the band, as a group, change from doing covers to doing original works?

LD: When Dakota joined the band that was sort of our push to start doing originals. We realized that as much as playing covers can be fun, we wanted more than just playing covers in bars for our careers. Plus, writing music is such an amazing creative outlet for us, it really is therapeutic.

DBM: Congratulation to everyone involved on the new EP A Different Life and the new single/video “Psycho”. Can you tell me a bit about the EP? How was the writing and recording process for the EP?

DS: This is our first real EP that we professionally released with a manager so we feel it’s our best one to date. There’s so many ups and downs melody wise, that it keeps the listener interested throughout the whole EP. Writing came fairly easy to this, we have so many memorable lines or choruses that will have any hooked. 

DBM: In a statement about the new single/video “Psycho”,[Dakota Sean] mentioned “…we are glad we waited till now and did it right. It’s our hope this video coupled with our songwriting will put us up top with the higher end bands that we all aspire to be like.” What was meant by that? Why did you guys wait, to make this video?

DS: In other words, we are glad we waited till now because we finally have a manager and a team who knows what we are going for. We had a good friend of the band Brian cox, out of LA, shoot the video and we are glad we waited till now because we feel if it had been done years earlier, we wouldn’t of had the same quality or same intense feeling you see in the video today. 

DBM: Also how was the video, to make?

LD: It was an amazing experience to shoot the video. We flew out to LA for a few days to meet with Brian Cox and then do the shoot. It was totally surreal for us, being in LA at such a cool location working with such amazing people.

DBM: Let talking about touring a bit, if I may. In the band bio it has been noted that Another Days Dawns has shared the stage with bands like Fuel, Sammy Hagar, Godsmack, Puddle of Mud and Buck Cherry…to name a few. How was that experience?

LD: Every time we get an opening slot for big bands like that it’s always a great feeling. We’ve been lucky enough to share the stage with some artists we looked up to growing up and still look up to, which is still so surreal for us.

DBM: Is there any plans for a tour? State or nationwide?

DS: Yes, we just got signed with TKO for our bookings and we are in talks for a tour already! Can’t say anything more on that 

DBM: When on the road, what does the band do to break up the boredom of being on the road? Video games? Or Writing? Anything?

LD: We have a tradition of playing Uno on the road, only because for our first tour we forgot to bring anything to do and Tyler’s mom happened to throw Uno on the RV for us. Other than that, we really just spend a lot of time sleeping.

DBM: What profession other than your own, would you like to attempt?

SD: Hmmm, I’d have to say I would like to be an athlete of some sort. Definitely staying fit plays a big role for that and I’ve always been into sports.

LD: I think it’s safe to say we’d all want to stay within the music industry. Whether it be going into production, management or co-writing, we can’t imagine not being involved with music every day.

Another Day Dawns
Dakota Sean (lead vocals), Tyler Ritter (guitar, backing vocals), Livi Dillon (bass, backing vocals) and Nick McGeehan (drums). Photo courtesy of TAG Publicity 2019

DBM: What profession would you not like to do?

SD: I wouldn’t not like to be a Dr. kinda a germaphobe so that would be a no go.

LD: We all agree we’d never want any kind of desk job.

DBM: Is there anything else you would say that I didn’t cover in this interview?

SD: Sure to check out our website anotherdaydawns.com and order our new EP “A Different Life” we sign everything we ship out so don’t be afraid to order of the website. Stay tuned for tour announcements.

LD: Nope, that’s it!

DBM: Thank you again, for taking the time to do this interview. Good luck with the new EP. Hope to catch Another Day Dawns on the road, sometime soon.

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