My Son The Hurricane Takes Over The Warehouse

My Son the Hurricane - Photo Credit : Jeremy Gretzinger

St. Catharines, Ontario – On Friday May 31st, My Son The Hurricane played an amazing venue, The Warehouse Concert Hall, with support from Katey Gatta.

Katey took to the stage with confidence and pride, opening this show with a beautiful voice like no other. Her style has been described by some as a little bit of Norah, a little Joni and some Janice as well. Her voice and songs will hold your attention throughout her wonderful performance. Katey writes songs of things she doesn’t quite understand and tries to understand them through her ideas and melodies. 

Katey’s second EP was just released on May 17th – be sure to pick it up or stream it, just be sure you check out the wonderful Katey Gatta. She will leave you delightfully enlightened by her passion for her craft. 

My Son The Hurricane was up next. How to describe this band if you have never seen or heard of them? First of all there’s some hip-hop, a splash of funk, some kicking drum beats to keep the time, and fat funky bass lines for days, not to mention the amazing multi-horn section of the band. Basically, as it states on their bass drum, My Son The Hurricane is a “14 piece Brass Beast”. 

Jacob Bergsma of My Son The Hurricane. Photo Credit : Jeremy Gretzinger

Jacob Bergsma is the MC of the band and being a local guy from St. Catherines, his excitement and pride was exuded in his stage presence. I had a very brief moment to chat with him before the show, as he was troubleshooting a lighting issue. When asked how this tour was going he replied “it’s going great and gets more exciting with every show,” adding that after a tour though Canada and the US, The Brass Beast is headed over to Sweden. Genuinely humble, Jacob shook my hand and went backstage to prepare for the show.

Also lending her amazing voice is Sylvie Annette Kindree. Joining the band just over only 4 years ago, Sylvie had actually jumped on stage during an impromptu performance and ended up being a permanent member of the band. Her voice is the perfect back accompaniment to Jacobs fast coming lyrics. The band is also comprised of Danno O’Shea playing the skins and cymbals, and Coop Hannahson assisting with some more beats form the bongos and other percussion instruments, including everyone’s favorite…cowbell. 

My Son the Hurricane – Photo Credit : Jeremy Gretzinger

The Brass section is kinda of a beast in its own rite. On trombones there is Alex Duncan and Justin Williams, wielding the big Bari Sax is Victoria Cox and Phil Skladowski. Patrick Smith and Anthony Rinaldi are on Tenor Sax with both Kaelin Murphy and Troy Dowding playing the trumpet. With the funk on the bass is Fraser Gauthier accompanied by Timesnake. 

My Son The Hurricane is a band that is best experienced live. Of course, support them on whatever platform you prefer, but be sure to see this band live. This hurricane is one storm that you WANT to get caught in! 

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Show Date: 5/31/2019