Max & Iggor Cavalera Return: Beneath Arise at Baltimore Soundstage

Daniel Gonzalez and Max Cavalera performing at Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore, MD. 10/15/2022 Photo by Robert Escue

Baltimore, MarylandMax and Iggor Cavalera annihilate Baltimore playing songs from two of their most important albums Beneath the Remains and Arise, with tour support from Portland’s Bewitcher and local support from DC’s NO/MÁS and Baltimore’s Scissorfist.

For me the night marked a couple of firsts including seeing NO/MÁS, Scissorfist and the Cavaleras live for the first time and shooting at Baltimore Soundstage for Digital Beat Magazine, since the last show I shot for the now defunct Hellhound Music in May of this year.

Scissorfist kicked off the night by playing their May 2021 EP When All Else Fails in its entirety. They describe themselves as heavy metal with groove and hardcore influences, listening to them I heard some metalcore and elements of Hatebreed in their music, which isn’t a bad thing.

Scissorfist SETLIST
Zero Tolerance
Hymn of the Disowned
One Less
Fire Ritual
When All Else Fails



I have been wanting to see NO/MÁS throw down for a long time and finally got my chance. It was everything I expected and more, fast and ferocious. While their set was about 20 minutes long, they packed songs from their April 2022 full length Consume / Deny / Repent and their August 2019 EP Last Laugh. If you like your grindcore performed at a break neck pace, NO/MÁS is your band!!!

Mal De Ojo
Victim Of Circumstance
Verbal Abuse
Sin vergüenza
Police Brutality



Last November I saw Bewitcher live for the first time when they were tour support for Exhumed on their US tour, so I was stoked to see them. They have been busy, recently completing a US run with Goatwhore and now supporting Max and Iggor. By this time the crowd was into doing more than moshing and we saw our first crowd surfers of the evening. The band sounded incredible as they played a set that covered all three of their albums. If you haven’t seen Bewitcher live, you should!!

Bewitcher SETLIST
Death Returns…
Satanic Magick Attack
Speed ’til You Bleed
Under the Witching Cross
Too Fast for the Flames
Cursed Be Thy Kingdom
Valley of the Ravens
Sin is in Her Blood



When Max and Iggor Cavalera announced the tour, they tagged Soulfly bass player Mike Leon and Possesed and Gruesome guitarist Daniel Gonzalez, both guitarists are solid choices.

The crowd started to thicken as some waited for the Cavaleras to play before entering the venue and waited to expend their energy as the moshing, headbanging and crowd surfing increased significantly which pleased Max, you could see it on his face. The crowd consisted of grizzled metal veterans to kids, some more than likely seeing their first metal show ever. The band was tight and hearing two of my favorite Sepultura albums played live was one of the highlights of my year, as I am sure others thought the same thing. If you have the opportunity to see this tour package, GO!!!!

The Beneath Arise tour runs through October 29th and tickets can be found here.

Max and Iggor Cavalera SETLIST
Beneath the Remains
Inner Self
Stronger Than Hate
Mass Hypnosis
Sarcastic Existence
Slaves of Pain / Lobotomy
Primitive Future
Dead Embryonic Cells
Desperate Cry
Altered State
Infected Voice
Troops of Doom


Show Date: Saturday, October 15, 2022