L7 Celebrates 30 Years of “Bricks are Heavy”

L7 performs live at The Opera House in Toronto, Canada. Photo Credit: Jay Broderick

Toronto, ON – 1992… 30 years ago… YEP! 30 Years!!!! The notion itself is completely insane to me. I’m certain you are no different (assuming you were with us at that time). While it seems like yesterday, it also seems like a lifetime ago. It was 30 years ago that Los Angeles, California rockers L7 released their 3rd studio album entitled Bricks are Heavy. It’s this album that sees the 4-some hitting the road for 18 dates in October 2022. Starting in Nashville, TN and ending in Austin, TX, the band landed north of the border in Canada’s largest city of Toronto on October 12.

Donita Sparks of L7 performs live at The Opera House in Toronto, Canada on October 12, 2022. Photo Credit: Jay Broderick

With a number of sold out dates thus far, the gig here in Toronto was not much different. While it may not have been officially “sold out”, The Opera House was jammed with fans of these veteran musicians. The venue would have been very hard pressed to squeeze many more bodies into the concert hall. With a career that has spanned over 35 years, L7 did have a fairly lengthy hiatus through the 21st century but returned with their 2019 album Scatter the Rats.

The show starts off with a sampling of music from a multitude of different genres. Hip Hop, Grunge, Pop, Metal and Rock and Roll. It’s a clear indication of the musical style of these ladies. Their music is mix of Rock, Punk, Metal and Grunge, and based on their opening in Toronto, they go hard.


Donita Sparks – Vocals, Guitar
Suzi Gardner – Guitar, Vocals
Jennifer Finch – Bass Guitar
Demetra Plakas – Drums

Suzi Gardner of L7 performs live at The Opera House on Toronto, Canada on October 12, 2022. Photo Credit: Jay Broderick

Founded in 1985 by Lead Singer and Guitarist Donita Sparks and Guitarist/Vocalist Suzi Gardner, L7 immediately started the Toronto show with the opening track to their 1991 album. Thus, the first half of their set was in tribute to the release in which the tour is celebrating. L7 performed the full album, in order from “Wargasm” through to “This Ain’t Pleasure”. I have seen a number of these types of shows through the years. Some bands choose to start off with the album they are honoring while others choose to perform the album in the second half. I love this whole concept of playing full albums track by track, but personally love when a band doesn’t waste any time with it. Coming out of the gate with the real purpose of the tour is brilliant. 

Jennifer Finch of L7 performs live at The Opera House in Toronto, Canada on October 12, 2022. Photo Credit: Jay Broderick

Since their return in 2015, L7 hasn’t missed a beat, despite the lengthy layoff. Here’s to hoping they continue the trend. The music world needs their cutting edge music, and their kick ass attitudes!!

The Toronto Set List

Pretend We’re Dead
Diet Pill
One More Thing
Mr. Integrity
This Ain’t Pleasure

Set 2:
Fuel My Fire
Stadium West
Non-Existent Patricia
Fighting the Crave
War With You
American Society (Eddie & The Subtitles cover)
Fast and Frightening

Suffragette City (David Bowie cover)

L7 Online:

Show Date October 12, 2022