Bloodywood Combats Loss With Canine Themed Music Video, “Yaad”

Bloodywood (l-r) Raoul Kerr, Karan Katiyar and Jayant Bhadula. Photo courtesy of TAG Publicity, All Rights Reserved.

New Delhi heavy metal artists Bloodywood, known for pioneering Indian folk instruments fused with heavy metal to devastating effect, have released a new video and single, “Yaad” – Hindi for ‘remember’ or ‘in memory’. While initially known for covering pop songs in a metal format, the band has found their own identity and have since released several highly successful singles.

The video for “Yaad”, which was shot between the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas and urban India, celebrates the universal human experience of love and loss through a moving story between a man and his dog.

“Yaad is about the power of accepting the loss of a loved one and moving on. The lyrics celebrate the permanent impact they have on us, reiterating the belief that we carry them in our best memories, no matter how far apart we may be.” says Karan Katiyar, Bloodywood’s founder and guitarist, “I lost my dog 10 years ago and I still feel the loss to this day. I wanted the video to show the bond between a man and his dog to highlight its message.”

In the spirit of the message within the song and video, Bloodywood also funded the purchase of an animal ambulance for a local non-profit animal shelter called The Posh Foundation, who had to recently scrap their existing ambulance due to overuse and break-downs and were in dire need of a new one. The new ambulance, which will help save the lives of over 27,000 homeless animals in the National Capital Region of India over the next 5 years, was purchased by the band using the profits made on their very successful 2019 debut tour of Europe named, “Raj Against the Machine Tour” and through their crowdfunding page on Patreon. The India heavy metal act is no stranger to charity. In 2018 the band partnered with the online counseling site HopeTherapy and released the song “Jee Veerey”, dedicated to fighting depression and mental illness. In January of 2019, the band also released “Endurant”, a song that dealt with the topic of bullying.

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