VINCINT Shares ‘The Feeling’

VINCINT, The Feeling EP
VINCINT photo provided by Big Hassle, ©Kimber Capriotti, All Rights Reserved.

VINCINT’s debut EP, The Feeling, has a slick yet very soulful, pop and danceable feel to it. Powered by the impressive, vigorous and raw vocals of VINCINT that he unleashes on every one of the six tracks gives the personal material its power and emotion to draw in, enthrall and captive the listener. Chronicling the heartbreak of a relationship ending and its aftermath where VINCINT emerges triumphantly independent permeates through each emotive, highly-charged song where vulnerability and strength coexist together. The reflective “Miss You” sets the tone for that journey of VINCINT’s heart and soul that still on some level longs for what could have been in that connection and revisits the time spent together.

In “Please Don’t Fall In Love,” VINCINT is still struggling with his feelings over his former lover who is no longer in his life and wrestling with his emotions. Through song, VINCINT is pleading that he doesn’t fall in love with another but says you can “try off in his car, you can kiss his lips inside a bar and fall in sleep in his arms.” On “Save Myself,” VINCINT, confidently and knowingly declares, “Loving me takes courage, I’m not asking you for devotion but someone to be there,” and sings defiantly, “I’ll Save Myself,” where he makes a declaration to stand stronger and wiser in his personal power with new love interest coming in his life and creating a significant boundary. “Save Myself” was co-written with Brandon Colbein (Liam Payne and Hayley Kiyoko) and Ryan Hartman. They were also co-writers on “Someday” and “Please Don’t Fall In Love.”

Billboard has praised VINCINT as a “legend in the making.” There is no doubt VINCINT is an incredibly talented vocalist. The gifted artist has knack for writing memorable material chalked full of catchy hooks with very relatable and universal subject matter that stay with after you finish listening to The Feeling. The lingering effect these songs have on your heartstrings is indelible beyond the last note. Being a singer, songwriter and performer are among VINCINT’s many talents, but he also lent his voice on the stage of the United States Conference on AIDS, the WayOUT Gala, Philadelphia Pride and Louisville Pride as a headline performer, using his platform to push boundaries in the LGBTQIA community.

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