Shallow Side Ask The Question, “What side are you on?”

Shallow Sides will be releasing a new album on March 29,2019. Digital Beat Magazine was able to get a preview copy of the new album to review.

Saints & Sinners Album Art
New album by Shallow Side, released March 29,2019.
Eric Boatright (vocals), Seth Trimble (guitars), Heath Fields (drums) and Matt Daniels (bass)

After 6 years, 3 EPs and many shows later, the band from Alabama has finally released a new full-length album.  The new album from Shallow Side is called Saints & Sinners and it is scheduled to be released on March 29, 2019, via Thermal Entertainment. The LP is a great collaboration between the members of Shallow Side and producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette. The album was recorded at the Barbarosa Studio in Orlando, FL. Baskette has worked with artist like Chevelle, Alter Bride, and Slash.

When it comes to albums reviews, there are a few factors that I take into consideration when determining the quality of an album. The first factor is the overall sound of the album as it comes through the speakers (in this case the headphones). The sound should not be muffled nor should the listener strain to hear what is being sung. The sound quality of Saints & Sinners is sharp and crisp the ear. Each instrument is mixed well, with one instrument not overpowering or trying to drown out another. The singing on this album by Eric Boatright comes across the speakers (or headphones) in a clear way, that I have to attribute to the members of Shallow Side and Michael “Elvis” Baskette.

Another factor that is taken into account, when reviewing an album, is the time factor. This might not be what you think it means. When listening to an album for review purpose, I listen to all the songs to determine the quality of each song. Sometimes when reviewing an album, of questionable quality, it is hard not to look at the track time to see when the album is over. With Saints & Sinner, I can with certainty say that did not happen. Each song draws the listener into the next one. For example the song “Revival”, “No More” and “Hallelujah” both songs have catchy guitar riffs that you cannot help but tap your foot to the beat. Both songs are going to be great songs played live…just saying.

The song “All Rise” starts out on an acoustic guitar playing Then the song shifts into high gear when the band comes in and the guitar changes from acoustic to dirty. In my opinion, a good song will help draw a picture for the listener. When I was listening to this song, a video of how the song could play out was running through my head.

To follow the who church theme a spell, also since there is a church on the album, as you listen to “Drug & Lust” the listener gets a rock-n-roll confession about drug and lust. As one the line goes in the song goes, “Drug, it keeps us going. Lust, it an’t the motive”. This song isn’t a drug but it does make you want to hear more.

The album is not all fast pace songs, there are slower songs sprinkled into the mix. They are “Not Alone” and “Temptation”. Both songs take the listener to a place that they have been at least once in their life.

The title track to the album, “Saints and Sinner” is another song that is well written. As I mentioned earlier in the article, about a song being able to paint a vision for the listener (paraphrasing), this is another one that does a good job it. With the lyric and crunchy sound of the guitar, with booming of the drum typing everything together. As the song asks, “What side are you on?”

As mentioned in the beginning, this full-length album was some time coming. With each introduction of an EP, from the band, the songs and professionalism were maturing with this band. So far, Saints & Sinners is the strongest album produced to date. The rough edges, if ever was any, have been smoothed out and what is here is something that will get people to pay more attention to them…if they have not already. Eric Boatright (vocals), Seth Trimble (guitars), Heath Fields (drums) and Matt Daniels (bass) have done a great job on this album, nice job gentlemen. Information about to purchase the album, go to Thermal Entertainment’s website for details at

Track List:
  1. Revival
  2. Saints & Sinners
  4. Drugs & Lust
  5. Temptations
  6. Hallelujah
  7. No More
  8. All Rise
  9. Not Alone
  10. Carry One

Release Date: March 29, 2019

Label: Thermal Entertainment
Producer: Michael “Elvis” Baskette

DBM Rating: 9/10

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