Puscifer Brings Existential Reckoning to the Murat

Puscifer at the Murat Theatre in Old National Center | Indianapolis, IN. | 11.12.22 | Photo by: ©Pix Meyers
Puscifer at the Murat Theatre in Old National Center | Indianapolis, IN. | 11.12.22 | Photo by: ©Pix Meyers

Indianapolis, IN – It was a strange mixture of humans (or possibly aliens) as fans of all ages gathered Saturday evening for a SOLD-OUT performance of the Existential Reckoning Tour Part Two. The supergroup Puscifer was in the house and they brought along the electronica band Night Club from Los Angeles to kick off the nights festivities.

The evening’s show had a strict “no phone” rule for the performance with flyers posted throughout the venue along with several announcements made over the PA warning fans if they were caught taking video or pictures during the show they would be immediately removed from the venue. Puscifer backed that up by starting the show with a cheeky public announcement (video) by Agent Dick Merkin reminding fans if caught “they would be turned to SPAM and ground into the mystery meat” – during the 2nd song of the evening the “Agents” detected SPAM in the front row and a suspicious “Billy D look-a-like” was pulled from the audience and carried off stage to the shaming of Agents yelling “SPAM, SPAM, SPAM”.  SIDENOTE: The “no phone” policy seems to be a new “rule” being picked up by various artist in the industry. Personally, I find it refreshing to be able to enjoy a show without the obstruction of screens in every direction you turn. I find it creates better energy among the audience as people seem to be engaged with each other verses their phones; sharing in the love of the band and the experience the music brings. I’m old school and remember concerts BEFORE cellphones. It was different back then but not necessarily in a bad way…but that’s just my opinion!

SPAM being pulled from the audience during Puscifer performance. | Photo by: ©Pix Meyers
SPAM being pulled from the audience during Puscifer performance. | Photo by: ©Pix Meyers

If you are unfamiliar with Puscifer, it’s a side project of Maynard James Keenan, lead vocalist of Tool, in what he describes as “simply a playground for the various voices in my head…where my Id, Ego, and Anima all come together to exchange cookie recipes”.  For the Existential Reckoning album, Keenan takes on the persona of “Agent-In-Training Dick Merkin” (vocals) and is joined by Agents Carina Rounds (vocals, guitar, percussion, keyboards) and Agent Mat Mitchell (guitar, bass, keyboard, synthesizer, production) along with Greg Edwards (bass), Gunnar Olsen (drums, programming) and various agents, aliens, and mischief makers joining the stage throughout the performance.  

Shout out to Lighting Designer (and Knight of Illumination USA Award Winner) Sarah Landau on her stunning design for the Existential Reckoning tour; an open stage with a two-tiered scaffolding dead center became the playground for Maynard and Carina with drums centered under the scaffolding and video screens stretched out to the left & right sides of the stage. The color palate was moody and mysterious, deep greens and blues with pops of yellow, orange and red synching to the music without overpowering the performers onstage. 



For the Indy performance, Puscifer played every song off the Existential Reckoning album except one, A Singularity. It made me wonder why this song didn’t make the cut for night’s performance? Do they play this song at other cities? Do they never play this song? It’s an answer I may never receive…regardless, Puscifer will be out wrapping up the Existential Reckoning Tour Part Two through November 22nd. If your lucky enough to be in the handful of cities left on the tour, go get your ticket now if you can. It’s a great evening of music and an overall fun show that is out of this world…Just leave your phone at home! (It should be noted that Puscifer did allow the last song of the show to be SPAMMED by the audience without becoming mystery meat) wink. wink.


  • Break & Circus
  • Postulous
  • Fake Affront
  • The Underwhelming
  • Grey Area
  • Theorem
  • UPgrade
  • Apocalyptical
  • The Remedy
  • Personal Prometheus
  • Momma Sed
  • Horizons
  • The Humbling River
  • Bullet Train to Iowa
  • Vagina Mine
  • Flippant
  • Conditions of My Parole
  • Bedlamite

Kicking the night off was LA based Night Club featuring Emily Kavanaugh on vocals and DJ Mark Brooks mixing up the electronica grooves. Featuring songs off their 2020 album Die Die Lullaby (via Gato Blanco Label), Night Club gave an energetic set that received little to no response from the audience in the room (sadly). It should be noted that DJ/founder Mark Brooks was rumored to play “Peter Merkin” in one of Puscifer’s videos and Emily Kavanaugh has also been seen in a Puscifer video which begs the question if they MAY be some of the “masked” aliens and agents that join throughout Puscifer’s set…..hmmmm???


SHOW DATE: 11/12/2022