O.A.R. Powers Into The Lawn At White River With First Stop On “Mighty” Fall Tour

O.A.R. Powers Into The Lawn At White River With First Stop On
OAR at The Lawn at Indianapolis, IN on 7/30/2019. Photo Credit: Mark Brown

Indianapolis, IN. – By the time the members of O.A.R. assembled on stage for their first outing on their Fall Tour to support the band’s tenth studio album, The Mighty, openers Rozzi and American Authors warmed up fans’ vocal cords with their smooth brand of singalong Pop with the latter even hammering out a cover of a Killers fan favorite “Mr. Brightside”. Rather than jumping right into a scorching jam session for which these middle-aged rocksters are known, these seasoned musicians simmered up with a reggae-infused “Free”, the third track from their latest LP. The song proclaims, “Now I’m free/I’m just ready to fly,” and, boy, would they ever. 

The band then followed with what once would have been part of their encore “About An Hour Ago”, and this seemed to set the tone for the remainder of the night – a mashup of old and new, slow and fast, and exactly what you’d come to expect from a road-tested veteran band that formed in 1996. On “California”, another new track from The Mighty, Marc Roberg (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) announced, “We want to encourage people to find whatever it is they’re looking for,” and then supported this proclamation with the lyrics “Live with the angels/love who you wanna.” And there was plenty of love in Indy on Tuesday night – for both their longstanding relationship with the band and for each other (*though large quantities of consumed alcohol may have also been a factor). Fans hugged and danced and swayed along as they spilled beer and spewed out lyrics to their favorite songs, twenty-three in all, for what turned out to be a charming evening for a polished and sophisticated rock show.

Don’t miss the opportunity to jam with these musically maturing vets on their Mighty Fall Tour slipping through the States all the way through mid-December. 

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O.A.R. Setlist: Indianapolis, IN

  • Free
  • About An Hour Ago
  • 52-50
  • The Wanderer
  • Knocking At Your Door
  • So Good So Far
  • The Architect
  • Love and Memories
  • California
  • Hey Girl
  • Place To Hide
  • Shattered (Turn The Car Around)
  • City On Down
  • This Town
  • Miss You All The Time
  • Anyway
  • We’ll Pick Up Where We Left Off
  • Peace
  • Heaven
  • Missing Pieces
  • Nantucket Is Gone
  • Road Outside Columbus
  • That Was A Crazy Game of Poker

Show date: 07/30/2019