Kurt Vile Triumphs At Paradiso With Casual Ease

Kurt Vile playing at Paradiso, Amsterdam 13/09/2022 © Sylvia Wijnands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – With his new album Watch My Moves released earlier this year, Philadelphia’s Kurt Vile and his band The Violators played a sold-out show at Paradiso, Amsterdam.

Special guests of the evening were the Australian Mess Esque. The band consists of Helen Franzmann (also known as McKisko) and Mick Turner who is also known as the guitarist of the Australian rock band Dirty Three. You usually notice it when a band enters the stage, but this time I was surprised. Being distracted for just a moment the band appeared on stage and started playing. Their mysteriousness continued throughout the performance. Sounding dreamlike and hypnotizing but also experimental. It took the band some time to grasp the audience’s attention but in the end but in the end, the curiosity about the band and their music seemed to win them over.

Then Kurt Vile and his band began their set. Starting with the compelling “Palace Of OKV In Reverse” from his latest album followed by the guitar-driven “Loading Zones”. The setlist for this night consisted of songs from most of his last two albums Watch My Moves and Bottle It In (released in 2018) and are going from the laid-back slacker rock like “Bassackwards” and “Flyin (Like a Fast Train)” to songs with some more backbone like “Check Baby”. But all is done with Kurt Vile’s infectiously casual demeanor. The band left the stage for “Runner Ups” to be played solo by Kurt. It was played so beautifully that it seemed as if the whole of Paradiso was holding his breath so as not to disturb the song, to explode in cheering when it was finished. Crowds favorites like “Waking On A Pretty Day” and “Pretty Pimpin” could not be missed and were welcomed with enthusiasm. Coming back for the encore they played two more songs, the hypnotizing “Like Exploding Stones” and finishing with the last song “Hunchback” which allowed the band (and the audience as well) to let themselves go one last time.

A spectacular show full of visual effects is not what you should expect. Kurt Vile is not the typical showman himself, hiding his face behind his long hair for most of the show. Yet this evening brings everything you need for a perfect late summer evening. The Violators play like a well-oiled machine and Kurt gives free rein to his guitar skills and completely captivates the audience.

While the European tour is ending this month, Kurt Vile and the band will continue touring the US starting in October. For more info and tickets check Kurt Vile’s official website.

Kurt Vile
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1. Palace Of OKV In Reverse
2. Loading Zones
3. Bassackwards
4. Hey Like A Child
5. Check Baby
6. Runner Ups
7. Flyin (Like A Fast Train)
8. Say The Word
9. Mount Airy Hill (Way Gone)
10. Waking On A Pretty Day
11. Pretty Pimpin
12. Skinny Mini
13. Cool Water
14. Like Exploding Stones
15. Hunchback

Show Date: 2022.09.13