Lights! Camera! Satisfaction! At The Venue on 35th

Isabel Astrum hosting
Isabel Astrum hosting "Lights! Camera! Satisfaction! Photo Credit: Robert Escue

Norfolk, VA – Nocte Covina Burlesque’s September production is a tribute to a night at the movies. Hosted by Isabel Astrum, the “Tutor of Tease” this month’s show features performers from Norfolk, Richmond and Spotsylvania.

Burlesque is an art form that is centuries old and over the years it has changed with the times and its popularity has ebbed and flowed. A typical burlesque show can have a theme that performers tailor their routines to or be free form where the performers do what routines they like. Many performers have taglines that identify a certain quality or characteristic about them and the kind of routines they do. Most performers make their own costumes or buy clothes and add as many sequins as they can afford. While you can watch a YouTube video or a movie about burlesque, it is far better to se it live.

Salem Sirene, the “Spellbinding Bitch of Burlesque” kicked off the evening with her portrayal of Debbie Jelinsky from the movie Addams Family Values.

Performing for the first time, recent Academy of Tease graduate Kate Revised performed a routine as Roxie Hart from the movie Chicago.

Kate Revised’s Performance

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Hailing from Richmond, Santobella Spark has been performing for five years doing hula hoop based routines. Her first routine she performed as Cynthia Doll from the movie Rugrats.

Santobella Spark’s First Performance


Known as “The Lovechild of Tim Curry and Marilyn Monroe”, Caza Blanca is known for bringing something extra to her performances. Making the trip from Fredericksburg, her first being a rendition of Madeline Kahn’s character Lily Von Shutpp from Blazing Saddles.

Caza Blanca’s First Performance


After Caza’s routine, there was a short intermission where tickets were sold for the raffle held toward the end of the show. Depending on how many tickets you want to buy is how good of a deal you may get. For this show you had the choice of Mama Sass’s leg (the lady running the sound) or Isabel’s bust to get the maximum amount of tickets for twenty dollars.

Taking her witchiness to the next level, Salem’s second routine channels Nancy Downs from The Craft.

Salem Sirene’s Second Performance


Rae graduated from the Academy of Tease in February of 2020, just as the pandemic was starting up and had to sit it out until things opened back up. She chose to be Marilyn Monroe and perform to the song “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” from the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Rae de Garnet’s Performance

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For her second routine, Santobella chose to be Captain America from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Santobella Spark’s second routine


Closing out the evening, Caza Blanca’s second routine took a turn for the dark as she performed Sandy from the movie Last Night in Soho.

Caza Blanca’s Second Performance

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The Academy of Tease was founded in 2015 by Isabel Astrum and Salem Sirene to bring burlesque to the Hampton Roads area. Since that time fourteen burlesque performers have completed classes and several have gone on to perform in shows and festivals.

Nocte Covina Burlesque, also created by Isabel and Salem is a production company out of Norfolk, Virginia that organizes and produces burlesque shows in a variety of locations. Instagram