Hollow Front Release New Single From Loose Threads

UNFD recording artist and Michigan native Hollow Front released a new single/video from their latest album Loose Threads. The new track off of the latest album is Loose Threads (Reimagined) [ located on the ‘B’ side of the album]. The new single follows the band’s latest release ‘Wearing Thin’ which was released in December 2020. 

“‘Loose Threads’ was the manifestation of a plea/cry towards my best friend succumbing to his mental illness, and almost ending his life. The song was written to express the wave of emotions I felt while reading what could’ve been his last texts, and trying to do everything in my power to get him to hold our bond strong enough to reconsider his decision.”   Dakota Alvarez (vocalist/guitarist)


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This February UNFD and Dakota Alvarez (guitar), Tyler Tate (vocals), Devin Attard (drums), and Brandon Rummler (bass) of Hollow Front will release a vinyl version of the full album Wearing Thin. To find out more information about the album or the band please go to hollowfrontmerch.com for details.

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