Hatebreed “20th Anniversary of Perseverance” Tour

Chris Beattie and Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed performing at Elevation 27, Virginia Beach, VA. 10/27/22 Photo by Robert Escue

Virginia Beach, Virginia Hatebreed’s third stop on the tour brings the pain to Virginia Beach in a sold-out show with support from Tuscon’s Gatecreeper, Melbourne, Florida’s Bodysnatcher and Portland’s Dying Wish.

This was my first time seeing Dying Wish and while the music was good, I didn’t care for Emma Boster’s vocals. Toward the end of their set Emma jumped down from the stage onto the barrier and sang with the crowd as people were singing along and shooting photos and video of her. The band was having a good time and kicked things off nicely.



There were a lot of people who had seen Bodysnatcher live previous to this show and they have played a number of places in the past. Several venues were called out by the band and the audience including the former Shaka’s Live, the Canal Club and Riffhouse Pub. To me they sounded more like metalcore than hardcore but that didn’t stop the kids from throwing down in the pit.

Bodysnatcher SETLIST
Black Of My Eyes
Wired For Destruction
Take Me To Hell
Behind The Crown
Twelve Seventeen
King Of The Rats



Gears shifted as Gatecreeper played a set that sounded more like stoner/doom than hardcore, which was very well received by the crowd as they needed a break from all of the moshing. Despite the two earlier bands wanting to see crowd surfing action, Gatecreeper is the one that delivered as the first crowd surfers crossed the barrier during their time onstage. I like these guys and would like to see them again.

Gatecreeper SETLIST
Sweltering Madness
Puncture Wounds
Craving Flesh
From the Ashes
Rusted Gold
Patriarchal Grip
Barbaric Pleasures
Sick of Being Sober



This show was supposed to happen in April of this year, except Parkway Drive cancelled their US tour which Hatebreed was the support band. So a lot of people were excited to see one of hardcore’s best come to Virginia Beach, which usually gets passed up for tour packages like this. Jamey Jasta wasted no time in reminding the crowd how much they like playing Virginia Beach, referencing the Lunatic Luau show that got rescheduled due to weather. In a surprise move they played “Destroy Everything” as the fourth song of the set as opposed to playing it much later. This resulted in complete chaos as the crowd literally went nuts, moshing and crowd surfing went into high gear and that pace was kept through the rest of the night. The last time I saw Hatebreed live was in 2014 when they played GWAR-B-Q, they tore it up there and they tore Elevation 27 up as well. Don’t sit on the fence on this, if this package comes to your city, be there!!!!!

Hatebreed SETLIST
Before Dishonor
Kill an Addict
Tear It Down
Destroy Everything
Live for This
Seven Enemies
Looking Down the Barrel of Today
In Ashes They Shall Reap
Under the Knife
Everyone Bleeds Now
Last Breath
Betrayed by Life
Driven By Suffering
Hollow Ground
You’re Never Alone
Final Prayer
Smash Your Enemies
A Call For Blood
This Is Now
I Will Be Heard


The tour runs through November 20th and tickets for the remaining dates can be found here.

Show Date: 10/27/22