Get Back Val to Release “The Wolf Outside the Door”

Photo courtesy of Get Back Val, all rights reserved.

There was a time not so long ago where it was commonplace for humor to be used to bring awareness to matters of utmost seriousness. Humor served the purpose of not only being a means of coping with serious situations but also humor can be a means of bringing attention to a matter. Get Back Val’s new single, “The Wolf Outside the Door” did a wonderful job of not only adding a nostalgic air to a modern day real world problem known as COVID-19.

The Wolf Outside the Door” is a commentary on life in 2020. The song has a nostalgic air with a bluesy rock feel. The video is somewhat tongue in cheek with singer Pete Hopkins, donning mask and glasses with an 80s video game feel. Jennica Lynn adds a few shrieks to the mix. The ultimate message of the song is that it (COVID-19) is out there are we need to protect ourselves. While the video adds an element of humor, the gravity of the situation is reinforced by the mask, the video game glasses, the empty streets, and of course the shrieks.

The Wolf Outside the Door” will be Get Back Val’s third single and is slated for release on June 12, 2020 in all major music outlets.

Check out the video for “The Wolf Outside the Door” here.

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