Fused By Defiance Release New Video

LA-Based native Fused By Defiance released a new video/single, ‘Cancel Culture.’ The video was directed and edited by Ron Underwood.

“Cancel culture is a powerful weapon that when used appropriately, has the power to take down disgusting human-beings in less than 140 characters; something most court systems can’t manage to do in 140 days. But like a vigilante with no moral code or restraint, it can easily tip toward the dark-side. This song talks about the inappropriate usage of cancel culture. Metaphorically, a virus in the system; that searches through a person’s past and finds the one thing that may be able to bring them down as a petty response or knee jerk reaction to a human occasion. What cancel culture in this instance fails to take into account is the fallibility of humanity. Within this cycle is a tale of growth through experience which in current times are posted for public review. We are all human and all make mistakes, however only in the fallacy of stagnation does cancel culture become its own demise.” – FUSED BY DEFIANCE


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Formed in 2012 Fused By Defiance, also known as FxD, the LA-Based five-piece band infuses and combining their interest in music with Hip Hop, Metal, Funk, Reggae, and Latin cultures.

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