A Talk With K. Michelle Dubois About New Album “The Fever Returns”

K. Michelle Dubois

K Michelle Dubois is an indie-pop artist based in Atlanta, GA. Having already released singles “All Night Glamour” and “On The Run Again” in the past few months, the release of her fourth solo album The Fever Returns is set for this month. Digital Beat Magazine had the pleasure of asking her some questions about the album, inspirations, and dreams for the future.

Digital Beat Magazine: Congratulations on your new singles “All Night Glamour” and “On The Run Again”! How has the fans’ reaction been?                                                          K. Michelle: Thank you so much! I couldn’t be more pleased with the reactions I’ve gotten- mostly as they’ve served as appetizers for the new album. They want to hear more. Makes me so happy.

DBM: Along with your new single “All Night Glamour” you have also released a new video clip. What was the inspiration behind the video?                                                            K. Michelle: Good friend, photographer/artist Jody Fausett, helped me brainstorm the concept. We filmed it entirely in his back garden. The lyrics are so visual, the flora and glam with the recurring moon and a mystery man were right there for us to play with.


DBM: What can fans expect from your new album “The Fever Returns”?                          K. Michelle: A brightness. A dark crunch. A melancholy spookiness. Encouragement.
It’s rock n rock with an 80s vibe that you might dance to at times.

DBM: What is the inspiration behind the title The Fever Returns?                                    K. Michelle: In spring 2019 I literally had a fever that was coming and going (Strep). I said “the fever returns” out loud after checking my temperature. But the song evolved to be about the Fever for living.

DBM: How long did it take you to write and record this album?                                       K. Michelle: I’d say about 7 to 9 months.

DBM: The Fever Returns will be your fourth studio album. Looking back, comparing each album to the sound and writing style, how would you characterize/describe the progression of each album? Musically and/or personally?                                                                  K. Michelle: I was very nervous recording my first solo, Lux Capone for so many reasons. (not just musical reasons but the fact that I was doing it at all took a lot of pep talks to myself) I played most of the instruments -even the drums (on a keyboard), then got guest players and singers to flesh it out.
With #2, Astral Heart, I began working with an old friend, Dan Dixon, whom I had worked with before, and my sound evolved to be a bit heavier- real drums helped :). Looking back, this album has 3 duets with different male singers- and knowing myself, I now see those were like security blankets. I wasn’t yet confident enough to make an album starring only me myself and I.
With #3, Harness, I began to get more and more into the metaphysical, spirituality, and empowerment of females, and much of the writing on that album is directly related. So basically what I was doing was giving me the confidence to do it! So those songs, coupled with Dixon’s co-production and helping my dream sounds come through the speakers. Elated.
Writing for The Fever Returns did not come long after Harness was released and I’ve often said they could almost be combined as a double album. I hope my feelings come through- I’ve finally become truly comfortable as a solo artist and the quest for that heavenly balance of confidence and freedom is something I’m so thankful for. Yes the quest itself. You never know where it might lead. Fascinating.

DBM: A lot of artists get their songwriting inspiration from their own personal experiences. Would you mind telling the Digital Beat Magazine audience about the song that is most personal to you and why?
K. Michelle: “Orchid”, from Harness, was written after a friend, whose music I love, and I were lamenting (for each other) that more people hadn’t heard our mutual work. And I began thinking of my songs as rare orchids. They’re my babies, and of course, I want the world to know, but regardless, you shouldn’t stop creating if you’re so-called.

DBM: When I looked at your Spotify page I’ve noticed your playlist influences, which seems to have a broad range of musical influences. I saw some more calm artists like Agnes Obel, older bands like Yes and Genesis, and more of the popstars from the last years like Rihanna. For people who are not familiar with your music, how would you describe your sound?
K. Michelle: Cool! That’s a good scope and example- I love music of all kinds.
My sound definitely has evolved to have that 80s vibe that is in my veins from youth. But I believe my indie-rock roots still peek through.
I’m a huge prog rock fan and some have heard that here and there in my music as well.

DBM: Are there still dreams or goals you have as a musician? Venues you would like to play or countries you like to visit?
K. Michelle: Goals as a musician -I’d love to be able to record at the drop of a hat. The studio is my happy place. Since I am about to hit the hay I’ll dream big- I’d love to go to Australia. Ok let’s combine the two – Let’s record an album in Australia. Yes. That’s it.

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