Fozzy Breaks Out The “Boombox” And Rocks Roseville, CA’s Goldfield Trading Post

Fozzy performing at Goldfield Trading Post in Roseville, CA on 05.07.2022. Photo Credit: Dany Pagani

Roseville, CA – High-energy rockers Fozzy made a stop at Goldfield Trading Post in Roseville, CA (or as it was dubbed by the band, “Rosemento”, due to its close proximity to Sacramento) as part of their Save The World US tour schedule, bringing a powerhouse main event to attendees of their show on Saturday, May 7th.

Barely more than a day after the long-awaited release of their newest album, Boombox, Fozzy dove into their anticipated performance with the album’s opening track, “Sane”, which launched an amazing set that incorporated additional tunes from the new record, including “I Still Burn”, “Purifier”, and “Nowhere to Run”, as well as choice tracks from the rest of their extensive catalog.

Chris Jericho’s presence as the vocalist for this outfit brought fans of both music and wrestling out for this gig, as indicated by the variety of t-shirts that dotted the sizable crowd, many of which featured him in his well-known other occupation. A word of caution to the uninitiated, however; do not be fooled into thinking that Jericho is simply a wrestler with a mic in his hand… or a fog vapor cannon, for that matter, depending on when you catch him. He taps deep into the persona-based lightning current common between band frontman and sports entertainment performer, which when partnered with his strong, diversely-influenced singing style, makes him the ideal captain to helm this formidable rock’n’roll ship. His equally notable companions, Rich “The Duke” Ward and Billy Grey on guitars, PJ Farley on bass, and Grant Brooks on drums, are all top-tier musical forces to be reckoned with in there own right. They not only bring their A-game performances to the stage, but slam them on the table. Combined with Jericho into the onstage superpower that is Fozzy, it was inevitable that this show would leave fans blown away.

The band’s original material is their hallmark and claim to their more recent fame, but the night would not be complete without a nostalgic headbang to the group’s cover-band backstory, and Fozzy delivered two phenomenal cover offerings to their enthusiastic crowd. The first was their heavy-duty rendition of “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, which appears as a track on Boombox, and the last was the night’s house-crashing closer, a fantastic rendering of AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds”, a worthy high point on which to end the evening.

You can catch Fozzy on the closing leg of the Save the World tour with shows in several states, along with great opening acts GFM, Krashkarma, and The Nocturnal Affair, until May 16, 2022. They are  also currently slated to out on an Australian tour this coming November. Keep up with their social outlets to catch additional updates in case other opportunities come through.


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Show Date: 05/07/2022

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