Folk Road Show Knows The Essence Of Music

Folk Road Show performing at Q Factory, Amsterdam on 11-14-2019. Photo © Sylvia Wijnands

Amsterdam, The NetherlandsFolk Road Show are four singer-songwriters from different parts of the world. They make a catchy mix of Americana, folk and indie-pop with all four singing in perfect harmony. To celebrate the release of their new EP Thought You’d Never Ask, they are touring around in Germany and The Netherlands.

Special guest of the evening is Dutch singer-songwriter, Frank Rensen. With nothing more than his guitar and his deep warm voice, he knows how to get the audience’s attention. His music fits perfectly with this time of the year, it makes you want to stay inside when the rain is falling, get cozy with a good book and just enjoy some relaxing time. After releasing his debut EP, Fragments, he was able to join different bands and was able to play his song “Little Suzy” on a national tv show. After only releasing a few singles the following years, this year it was time for his next EP, 1/2. His music is streamed worldwide on Spotify including his song “Trying To Say”, which even has almost 2 million streams. Finishing his set with this song he taught the audience a small, simple melody that everybody got to hum along, which created a nice little moment.

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As I mentioned earlier, Folk Road Show has all different backgrounds, Dom Fricot and Nick Petrowich are from Canada, Benjamin James Caldwell is from Australia and Olaf Caarls is from The Netherlands. Instead of coming on stage, the band decides to do it differently. From the back of the venue, through the crowd, they move their way to the stage while playing “Miss Ohio”, a song from their debut album. Then, they hop on stage and begin the show. With other bands, most of the time there is a lead singer, but not with Folk Road Show. Every member of the band sings and plays multiple instruments such as guitars, banjo or mandolin – switching almost every song. I’m not sure if I have seen a band switch instruments with each other as much as they do!

The evening is also filled with jokes and storytelling. They make you feel like you’re part of the show instead of just watching a performance, something I personally very much appreciate. The band clearly has fun playing on stage and occasionally stepping off stage into the crowd. With their contagious energy, it is nearly impossible not to burst out dancing. Their single “Thought You’d Never Ask”, from their new eponymous EP, is one of my personal favorites and of course could not be missed on tonight’s setlist. Other songs of said EP that were also played are “Emily”, “Fuck Your Cool” and newest single “Christian Slater”. Crowd favorites like “Something In The Water” and “Get On Up” were met with enthusiastic dancing and singing along.

Ending the night, Folk Road Show stepped off the stage again and while surrounded by the audience, did a cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Boxer”. Ending just as they had started, the band continued to play as they walked out of the room. To me, this night was a great example of what music is really about, to connect people and bring them together.

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