10,000 Maniacs Shows Ardmore, PA These Are Still Days

10,000 Maniacs perform at the Ardmore Music Hall, PA on 11/22/2019. Photo © Carl Roccia

Ardmore, Pennsylvania – It was a brisk autumn night on November 22, 2019 in the little town of Ardmore, as 10,000 Maniacs were about to play for a sold-out crowd. The line into the venue wrapped around the block with a crowd appearing to range in ages from 35 to 65; all were enthusiastic to hear music from a band with 30+ years under their belt touring and making records.

The Ardmore Music Hall is a quaint, little theater outside of Philadelphia, PA. It has been hosting a variety of talent from local musicians to bigger names. The stage is relatively small and bleeds right into the general admission seating, giving a real sense of intimacy between artist and fans.

Nobody’s Girl performing at the Ardmore Music Hall 11/22/2019 photo© Carl Roccia

Nobody’s Girl, a trio from Austin, Texas, knocked the barn door in with a southern rock style of music that had boots stompin’ and knees slappin’. Their song “What’ll I Do” showed how the band harmonizes beautifully, while also lyrically they hit home.

Rebecca Loebe, Grace Pettis and Betty Soo are very talented writers and musicians. Just listen to their song “Waterline”, it has a Tom Petty feel to it. I have to mention, they also did the most beautiful version of “Over The Rainbow” I have ever heard – my eyes even started to well up! Look for the music of Nobody’s Girl to be released digitally worldwide.

Mary Ramsey and 10,000 Maniacs performing at the Ardmore Music Hall, PA on 11/22/2019. Photo by © Carl Roccia

Founded in Jamestown, NY circa 1981, 10,000 Maniacs have withstood the test of time. With almost 20 albums, more than 10 million albums sold, and massive touring of the US and abroad, there is no doubt they are one of the best and legendary alternative rock bands of the 80’s – 90’

10,000 Maniacs took the stage and opened with “Rainy Day”. Mary Ramsey lead the charge, violin in hand, while Dennis Drew – keyboards, backing vocals, Steve Gustofsen – bass guitar, backing vocals, occasional lead vocals, Jerry Augustyniak – drums, backing vocals, Jeff Erickson – guitar, and John Lombardo – guitar, took their place on stage.

The temperature inside the packed little arena seemed to be pushing over 80 degrees due to the sold-out crowd, but the band just shed the blazers, rolled up their sleeves and kept the train rollin. The setlist covered a wide variety of songs, thrilling the crowd including some fans of which drove 4.5 hours from D.C. 10,000 Maniacs is a real class act and we all got more than we paid for in just memories alone.

By the time “These Are Days” was unleashed during the encore, I counted ten band members onstage. The horn section took place on the backside of the stage and we all were waiving hands and beers while singing along. By then, the heat didn’t matter. Their songs bring me back to happy times in my life, and that my friend, has no price tag!


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Show Date: November 22, 2019