Dirty Honey and Mammoth WVH Sell Out The Fillmore

Dirty Honey plays with Mammoth WVH on the Young Guns Tour at The Fillmore in Philly, PA on 3-31-22. Photo by Carl Roccia.

Philadelphia, PA – The “Young Guns” tour made a welcomed stop at the sold-out Fillmore in Philly, on March 31, 2022, featuring Wolfgang Van Halen’s Mammoth WVH band along with Dirty Honey.

Mammoth was down two guitarists tonight. Jon Jourdan, who has been touring with the band and guitarist Frank Sidoris, (cardboard cut out on stage) who also plays with them is currently touring with Slash. 

Wolfgang Van Halen of Mammoth playing the Fillmore in Philly on the ‘Young Guns’ tour with Dirty Honey on 3-31-22. Photo by Carl Roccia

We saw one kickass trio, Wolf on guitar & keys, Ronnie Ficarro on bass, and Garrett Whitlock pounding the skins – they pulled it off! Mammoth was the name of Van Halen before it was VH and Eddie was the singer. Wolf stated as a young boy if he ever had his own band he would name it so and now he has.

Wolf is a gifted musician, with genes and a smile passed down from his father, he has carved out his own style of music. His stage presence is modest and humble, although with a definite air of strength and confidence. This is welcome to see being that he descends from music aristocracy. He certainly enjoys his fans and they love him, chanting “Wolfy, Wolfy” throughout the night as he stated, “Philly is the perfect guest”.

Wolfgang Van Halen of Mammoth playing the Fillmore, Philly on the ‘Young Guns’ tour with Dirty Honey 3-31-22 Photo by Carl Roccia

A very moving and heartfelt song “Distance”, a tribute to his late father was done acoustically, stripped-down as he put it. This song showcases his vocal talent as well. Following that, Wolf paid tribute to Taylor Hawkins, the late Foo Fighters drummer, with the cover “My Hero” that was included in the twelve-song set. At the end of the show, Wolf laid down on the stage and reached out to hand a young boy his guitar pick at the end of the show.

Mammoth plays to a sold out crowd at the Fillmore in Philly on 3-31-22. Photo by Carl Roccia

Mammoth WVH will be touring with Dirty Honey into early April, switching the opening spot throughout the tour.


  1. Mammoth
  2. Mr. Ed
  3. Epiphany
  4. Horribly Right
  5. You’ll Be the One
  6. Stone
  7. I Don’t Know At All
  8. Think It Ov
  9. You’re to Blame
  10. Distance
    (Solo Acoustic)
  11. My Hero
    (Foo Fighters cover)
  12. Don’t Back Down

After a speedy set change, Dirty Honey took the stage and shouldered an attitude comparable to a bowl of habanero wings, ready to drink all your whiskey, steal your girlfriend and rock your face-off. Frontman Marc LaBelle has flash, style, and swagger, John Notto lead guitar is stellar, Justin Smolian on bass is monstrous and Corey Coverstone – drums, the steadfast backbone.

Dirty Honey playing the Fillmore in Philly on 3-31-22. Photo by Carl Roccia

When I first saw Dirty Honey they kind of reminded me of the Black Crowes, in the way they present themselves, only to find out they toured with the band last year on their ‘Shake Your Money Maker’ tour, so fitting. 

Dirty Honey is a blues-based rock band with catchy lyrics, and a distinct vocal presence meshing with a stripped down, bare bones style hard rock sound. Founded in 2017 in Los Angeles, their song “When I’m Gone” was quickly noticed (#1 Billboard best-unsigned artist) and with the help of their long time friend and manager Mark DiDia (Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine) these guys have

Dirty Honey playing the Fillmore in Philly on 3-31-22. Photo by Carl Roccia

toured the country opening for Slash, The Who, Guns and Roses, Black Crowes and many others. Gaining popularity quickly and having been compared to the arena rock bands Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and GNR these guys can hang with the big guns and enjoy a fast-growing fan base.

The show was fantastic! In honor of Angus Young’s birthday, the band covered AC/DC’s “Shoot to Thrill” which was awesome and showcased their wide range of talent.

See them on tour this month with Mammoth WVH and crank up my favorite Dirty Honey song, “The Wire”.

Dirty Honey playing the Fillmore in Philly on 3-31-22. Photo by Carl Roccia


  1. California Dreamin’
  2. Break You
  3. Heartbreaker
  4. The Wire
  5. Take My Hand
  6. Tied Up
  7. Down the Road
  8. Gypsy
  9. Shoot to Thrill
    (AC/DC cover) (Live debut. Tribute to Angus…)
  10. Another Last Time
  11. Bass Solo
  12. Drum Solo
  13. Guitar Solo
  14. When I’m Gone
  15. Rolling 7s


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Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Show Date: March 31, 2022