Covet Delivers a Sinfully Blessed Performance at the Canal Club

Covet at the Canal Club in Richmond, VA on 12/3/2022. Photo credit: Dave Pearson

Richmond, VA – I needed a fix badly! What kind of fix? I was in need of surreal music with an edge delivered in a really fun environment in the heart of Richmond, VA. To my delight, my fix was injected in stellar fashion on December 3, 2022 as Covet delivered the needed jab at the Canal Club

The night kicked off with performances by two other bands, TSOSIS (aka The Speed of Sound in Seawater) fronted by Damien Verrett (guitar and lead vocals) and Waverly Cook (drums) followed by The Velvet Teen with Judah Nagler (guitar and vocals), Josh Staples (bass and vocals), and Casey Dietz (drums). 

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The two openers provided some fun music to a very enthusiastic crowd. The Velvet Teen toyed with the audience a bit suggesting that, rather than ‘woooooing’ to their feats, the crowd ‘meow’ (cat sound instead). 

When The Velvet Teen left the stage, no one at the front moved. We were all anticipating the Covet band, made up of Yvette Young (guitar and vocals), Brandon Dove (bass and violin), and Jessica Burdeaux (drums) taking the stage. While waiting, I had the chance to talk with a few in attendance. One young man told me that it was listening to Yvette that convinced him to take up the guitar. We chatted a bit and I mentioned that her style reminded me a lot of a Japanese guitarist famous in the 70s and 80s to which he replied, “You mean Masayoshi Takanaka?” I was shocked that that he knew the name. We agreed that their style was different but her sound in line with his. 

Yvette Young of Covet at the Canal Club in Richmond on 12/3/2022. Photo credit: Dave Pearson

What I love about the Canal Club is the intimacy. Walking on stage to a roar of approval from those waiting for the show, the band proceeded to finalizing the tuning of their instruments, smiling and even engaging a bit with the audience. 

They kicked it off with “Odessa” going immediately into surreal mode and giving Brandon a chance to show off his violin chops. You could feel the electronic ‘mellow D’ take over the crowd. It is not often you see human and guitar merge into one… it is something special to see. 

Atreyu” and “Parachute“, both from their Technicolor album followed. Words cannot describe the feeling other than to say all you had to do is close your eyes, listen, and you would be swept away on soundwaves to the netherworld. 

Yvette Young of Covet at the Canal Club in Richmond on 12/3/2022. Photo credit: Dave Pearson

We were pleasantly introduced to a few new songs from their upcoming album including “Firebird“, “Bronco“, “Vanquish“, and “Lovespell“. They had a little edge while maintaining they style. I am not sure when the album is going to be released, but if these songs are any indication of what to expect, it will be awesome.

Rounding out the night we were sent deeper into the depths of an awakened dreamland with “Shibuya” (I think the video does great justice to the feel of the song), a very macabre “Farewell” that brought attention to Young’s quietly powerful vocals in addition to her command of the strings, “Nero” and “Denouement“. 

And then it was over… the fix was delivered and all was well. It was a night of indie rock, a little humor, and a trip to the surreal while never leaving the confines of the Canal Club. Stay tuned for the upcoming Covet album!! 

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