Warpaint Turns Paradiso In One Big Ecstatic Dance Party

Warpaint live at Paradiso, Amtserdam. © Sylvia Wijnands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – To celebrate the release of their new album Radiate Like This which was released on May 6th, the LA-based indie rock band Warpaint is currently touring Europe. On May 24th, they played at Paradiso, Amsterdam.

As their special guest for the tour, Warpaint invited Low Hum. I’ll have to admit that I hadn’t heard about them before, but it soon became clear to me why they got to join Warpaint on this tour. Their mix of dreamy electronic rock quickly got the crowd dancing. The musicians played confidently, leading the audience along for their entire set. If like me, you haven’t heard of them before, I would definitely look them up on Spotify. Their song “Room To breathe” is one of my new favorites!

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Warpaint opened with “Stars”, a song from their first EP released in 2010. From the first tones, it is clear that this one is still after all those years a fan favorite. The next song, “Champion”, is the first released single off their new album. Although “Stars” and much of their older work sounds darker than the songs on Radiate Like This, you can clearly hear that Warpaint is still the same band. The new songs are just as mysterious and dreamy, but have a little more positive or lighter feeling, while the older songs have a more raw edge. I personally like both of those sides of the band and was happy that the setlist was a nice mix of old songs, new songs, and some of their absolute best songs. “Love Is To Die” and “New Song” are some that got every one of the crowd dancing and singing along, making it one big dance party. For the compelling “Melting”, the band members came from behind their instruments to sing the song together only to the accompaniment of a single guitar. It’s already one of my favorites from the new album and this stripped-down version was also so beautiful. The band is on top of their game, and also shows how much fun they have playing live! The European tour is coming to an end with just a few dates left, but their US tour is already planned for July this year. Go to their website for tickets!

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Setlist Warpaint:
1. Stars
2. Champion
3. Intro
4. Keep It Healthy
5. Hips
6. Hard To Tell You
7. Love Is To Die
8. Krimson
9. Melting
10. Stevie
11. Bees
12. New Song
13. Disco//Very
14. I’m So Tired (Fugazi cover)
15. Beetles
16. Send Nudes

Show Date: May 24, 2022