Tom Keifer’s Steadfast Resilience to ‘Rise’ – #KEIFERBAND Shows Greenville They Are Unbreakable

Tom Keifer & Tony Higbee of #KEIFERBAND cutting loose at The Firmament in Greenville, SC on 8/09/2019. Photo Credit: © Carrianne Stoker-Postier 2019

Greenville, SC  Hot summer nights in the south are bound to heat up a little more with a bit of live music and lots of fun company, exactly the elements contained at The Firmament on Friday evening when Tom Keifer’s #KEIFERBAND and local support by Seven Year Witch rock-n-rolled Greenville.

Spencer Burden of Seven Year Witch catching air at The Firmament in Greenville, SC on 8/09/2019.
Photo Credit: © Carrianne Stoker-Postier 2019

The parking lot was packed before the local no-holds-barred Seven Year Witch even took the stage, drawing in their own loyal and ever-growing following. Bursting with fierce ability and vigor, this is a band on fire! Easily pulling the audience into their force, brothers Seth Burden (drummer) and Spencer Burden (bass) dominated the line of rhythm, while Aaron Langford (vocals) set the place ablaze with his dynamic stage presence (back flip included). Beau Anderson (of The Twotakes) was on site to fill in on lead guitar. Beau brought his own striking energy and didn’t miss a beat integrating into the mix. Seven Year Witch has a sound described as a blending of blues, classic 70s rock, punk, and garage rock. However one might want to categorize them, there is no doubt they perform with the “all-in” heart of rock-n-roll.  

The time arrived for the #KEIFERBAND to take over, and take over they did! Fans erupted into a cheerful roar as renowned frontman Tom Keifer (Vocals, Guitar, Keys) stepped into the light and filled the stage alongside Tony Higbee (Guitar, Vocals), Savannah Keifer (Vocals, Percussion, Piano), Billy Mercer (Bass Guitar, Vocals), Kendra Chantelle (Vocals, Percussion), Jarred Pope (Drums, Vocals), and Kory Myers (Keyboards, Vocals). The band delighted the audience with high-time Cinderella era classics such as “Night Songs”, “Nobody’s Fool”, “Shake Me”, and “Gypsy Road”, as well as gave a glimpse into new music off the #KIEFERBAND’s upcoming album, Rise, due out September 13. Smashing through tunes soon to be released on the new album such as “Touching The Divine”, “The Death Of Me” and “Rise”, the depth of the songwriting, appetizing slide work, and that gritty, raw vibe was ever present and outstanding. 

Tom Keifer smiles to the crowd at The Firmament in Greenville, SC on 8/09/2019. Photo Credit: © Carrianne Stoker-Postier 2019

Hands-down a fabulous frontman who holds a fascinating journey, Tom Keifer continues to RISE from of all the storms life can throw at him. The new solo album seems to echo the light and resilience existing in the darkness of his experience, a road teeming with hardships such as vocal paralysis, disparaging remarks, multiple surgeries, physical pain, delays, disappointments, and depression. Keifer has become a source of inspiration, as he continues to carry his signature true grit and growl in his voice. 

In describing the recent single released off the new album, Keifer has said, “We created “Death Of Me” to inspire people not to give in to or be defeated by the seemingly insurmountable lows that we sometimes face, but rather to rise and overcome them.”


Touching the Divine
Night Songs
Coming Home
It’s Not Enough
Somebody Save Me
Nobody’s Fool
Solid Ground
Bad Seamstress Blues / Fallin’ Apart at the Seams
The Last Mile
Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)
Shake Me
Shelter Me

Long Cold Winter
The Death of Me
Gypsy Road

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Show Date: 8/09/2019

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