John Mayer Brings His World Tour To Bankers Life Fieldhouse To The Delight Of Fans

John Mayer | Bankers Life Fieldhouse | Indianapolis, IN. | Pix Meyers
John Mayer | Bankers Life Fieldhouse | Indianapolis, IN. | Pix Meyers

Indianapolis, IN. – It was a Monday night in naptown but you couldn’t tell by the crowd at Bankers Life Fieldhouse when John Mayer and his band stopped in for the evening.  The mixed crowd of couples, girls, Deadheads and families filled the Fieldhouse in anticipation of the performance. No opening acts. No co-headliners. Tonight was all about John Mayer! When the lights finally dimmed and the big LED screen lit up to announce it was “Showtime”, John and band mates walked out on stage to the applause of the crowd.  A few “We love you Johnny” was adoringly yelled out as John picked up his beautiful Silver Sky PSR guitar and kicked things off with “Helpless” from his 2017 release, The Search for Everything.  

John Mayer | Bankers Life Fieldhouse | Indianapolis, IN. |© Pix Meyers 2019
John Mayer | Bankers Life Fieldhouse | Indianapolis, IN. |© Pix Meyers 2019

The first set started off a little slow before picking up momentum when John grabbed his acoustic and strummed the familiar notes of “No Such Thing” from his breakout album, No Room For Squares. He continued to flow through his catalog with popular hits that included “Who Says” and “Paper Dolls” before addressing the fans by stating, “they told me if I didn’t talk much I could fit in an extra song,” then he broke into “Queen of California” followed by “Edge of Desire” before taking a quick intermission.  

When John returned for the second set, he again picked up his acoustic guitar and treated the crowd to an acoustic version of “Emoji of a Wave” and “Daughters” before breaking into the beloved Tom Petty cover “Free Fallin”.  It was an amazing show that included a mind shattering guitar solo by Chicago’s own Jazz prodigy Isaiah Sharkey during “If I Ever Get Around To Living” and a nice nod to Prince when back-up vocalist David Ryan Harris did a verse from “Beautiful One’s” as the intro into “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room”.  

I don’t want to give away all the spoilers of the performance, so be sure to grab your tickets to catch John and mates as they travel across the U.S. through September before heading over the pond to hit up England and Europe. You can check here for dates and find out what all the buzz and hype is about surrounding John Mayer – Heartthrob, Pop Star, Guitar God!

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Setlist: Indianapolis, IN.

  • Helpless
  • Vultures
  • No Such Thing
  • Who Says
  • Love On The Weekend
  • Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey
  • Paper Doll
  • I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)
  • Queen Of California
  • Edge Of Desire

Set 2:

  • Emoji Of A Wave (acoustic)
  • Daughters (acoustic)
  • Free Fallin’ (Tom Petty cover)
  • Waiting On The World To Change
  • Rosie
  • Moving On And Getting Over
  • Dreaming With A Broken Heart
  • In The Blood
  • If I Ever Get Around to Living 
  • Slow Dancing In A Burning Room 
  • Let My Love Open The Door (Pete Townshend cover)
  • The Age Of Worry
  • Gravity


  • Born And Raised
  • New Light
Show date: 08/12/19