Thrashing USA 2023 at the Jefferson Theater

Kings Of Thrash performing at the Jefferson Theater in Charlottesvile, VA on 03.10.2023. Photo Credit: Robert Escue

Charlottesville, VA – Kings Of Thrash featuring David Ellefson and Jeff Young formerly of Megadeth and Oakland, California’s Hatriot make a stop to entertain the metal deprived fans.

On my way to Charlottesville I encountered the typical ever changing Virginia weather which included a torrential downpour. As I got closer to the venue the skies started to clear and the rain stopped. I thought to myself “Is it an omen of what is to come?” For the crowd that came out to see a rare thrash metal event at the Jefferson Theater, it was. The last time I was at the Jefferson Theater it was to shoot a themed burlesque show over six years ago. When you think of metal shows in Virginia, the Jefferson Theater is not the first place to look for a show. For a few people I talked to during setup they were stoked that they got a metal show.

Hatriot was the warmup band and at 8 PM they started their set. This was my first time seeing them live. Featuring two sons of Steve “Zetro” Souza of Exodus, brothers Cody and Nick along with Kosta V. and Miguel Esparza brought the heavy in a 30 minute set songs from their more recent work. I don’t know why it has taken me so long to see these guys throw down, but it was definitely worth it. If you get a chance to blow it up with Hatriot, do so.


Suicide Run
Clemency Denied
Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
And Your Children to Be Damned
Horns & Halos
Ethereal Nightmare
Verminous and Vile
Hymn for the Wicked
Blood Stained Wings
Forceful Balance



For a lot of thrash metal fans and those who like Megadeth, Kings Of Thrash plays to the people who like pre Marty Friedman Megadeth and like the older albums in general. Playing “Killing Is My Business … And Business Is Good” and “So Far, So Good, So What!” in their entirety is a definite draw considering that Megadeth doesn’t play most of the songs on either album much anymore.

I have read a number of reviews both positive and negative about Kings Of Thrash and here is my take on the band and what and how they play. I think Dave and Jeff had a great idea with playing older Megadeth songs. As far as how they play, yes they do not play with the speed or ferocity that they did in the 1980’s and 90’s, and for a lot of people that isn’t the point. What I saw and heard is a band of seasoned musicians playing a quality performance to an appreciative audience. I saw moms and dads bring their kids out to experience the music they listened to “back in the day”, it isn’t just “the music was better because I said so” but the kids got to hear it live by some of the people who created it and now have a better understanding of what their parents are about.

I wholeheartedly recommend seeing Kings Of Thrash and hope that they tour more in the future.

Kings Of Thrash SETLIST

Into the Lungs of Hell
Set the World Afire
Anarchy in the U.K.
Mary Jane
Drum Solo
In My Darkest Hour
Hook in Mouth
Bridges Burned
Last Rites/Loved to Deth
Skull Beneath the Skin
Killing Is My Business … and Business Is Good
Looking Down The Cross
Chosen Ones
These Boots Are Made For Walkin’
Dawn Patrol
Rust In Peace/Holy Wars The Punishment Due
Wake Up Dead
Peace Sells

The last show of the tour is scheduled March 15th at The Masquerade in Atlanta.


Show Date: FRI, MAR 10, 2023