The Bands Sound Off As OPERATION MUSIC FEST Draws Near

The two-day, two-stage Operation Music Fest will descend on Denver Downs Farm in Anderson, South Carolina this weekend. The all-ages event will offer an awesome lineup of bands covering both rock and country music. What could be EVEN better than a fun-filled weekend of live music? Operation Music Fest plans to give 10 percent of all profit and 100 percent of all direct donations through the event to Task Force Resolute, an organization that supports the development of a network of combat veterans, gold star spouses, care givers and families to assist each other in transition and promotes healthy outlooks on life through coming together in social settings.

We were able to catch up with a few of the artists performing at Operation Music Fest to ask more about what to expect at the event, thoughts about the impact that music has and more! Here is what Sam Sour from Silvertung, Jamie Suttle, and Outshyne had to share:

Digital Beat Magazine: As you may know, Operation Music Fest is honoring the sacrifice of the brave men and women in our armed forces and their families. When you think about the ways music can have such an incredible healing and motivational impact on us, are there any song(s) you are most excited about to perform at Operation Music Fest? Why?

Jamie Suttle– My Granny taught me to always be a soft place for someone to fall. I want to sing songs that help people and for a long time, I thought that meant writing songs full of hope, encouragement and clever phrases.  But at the end of the day, the most important aspect of songwriting to me is writing honest lyrics. At certain times in my life, I wasn’t ok and the last thing I wanted was a joyful song telling me that I should be. I have found so much healing and inspiration from my honky tonk heroes like Loretta, Hank, Cash, Patsy, and Merle. They always sang the truth, even when it wasn’t pretty. I think we can all find comfort in knowing we aren’t alone in how we feel sometimes.  A few months back, I wrote a song that I never thought would see the light of day called Pissed Off and Reckless.  I wrote pretty hard and clear about exactly where I was at the time.  Our military and their families are sometimes put into impossible situations, giving up freedoms and privileges that we take for granted.  I am sure somewhere in the crowd there will be some other people like me who sometimes feel pretty “Pissed Off and Reckless but we’re doing ok.”  🙂

Silvertung– A few songs that I’m most excited to play at Operation Music Fest are “Done My Best” and “You’re Fine”. “DMB” focuses on the important of giving one’s all no matter the difficulty or strife that life can throw at you. It’s about holding on to what you know to be true during all the hard times. “You’re Fine” could be interpreted in a number of ways, however focuses primarily on picking yourself up when you don’t think things can sink any lower. These two songs have a very strong lyrical message that really speak to me… plus the music is heavy and badass!

DBM: What is something the audience attending Operation Music Fest can look forward to from you?

Outshyne– From us you can expect a high energy set driven with 90’s country covers and Outshyne originals. Should be a lot of songs for the crowd to sing with us!

Silvertung– One thing the audience can look forward to is our unmatched energy we have onstage. We each give our absolute all physically each show. By then end of the set, we’re nearly soaked in sweat from all our movement, head banging, jumping, and whatnot.

DBM: Operation Music Fest is planning to provide 10 percent of all profit and 100 percent of all direct donations through the event to “Task Force Resolute”, an organization dedicated to helping those who serve and have served and their families. If you had one message to give to combat veterans, gold star spouses, military units, caregivers or their families, what would it be?

Jamie Suttle – Thank you. Thank you for giving up so many freedoms and privileges so that our children can grow up in a safer country.  We take so many of those freedoms for granted most days and I hope this salute to you and your families will remind you of our eternal gratitude and that we acknowledge your great sacrifices.

Outshyne – We really appreciate the sacrifice and can’t imagine walking in their shoes. But we’re truly grateful to live in the free USA because of so many sacrifices by all these hero’s.

Silvertung – Simple. The only thing I would say is thank you for all your continued years of selfless sacrifice, honor, integrity, and dedication. I have a great respect for military and veterans. They’ve done more than most of us could ever do. I’m lucky to have a US Airman in my family and values instilled in him by the Air Force have really inspired me and overall changed the way I view our military.

DBM: Is there anyone you would like to acknowledge that may have been directly or indirectly impacted by serving in our armed forces?

Jamie Suttle – Living near Wright Patterson AFB, we have many friends and loved ones who serve and we are so incredibly grateful to them. One airman in particular, my best friend Staff Sergeant Kayley Skidmore, who has shown me what it means to be kind, courageous, and above all else, the importance of staying true to your own heart.

DBM: Is there anything else you would like to add in general or specifically about your participation in Operation Music Fest?

Outshyne – Really excited about being a part of this event. There’s not many events where people can have the many huge artists and be willing to donate money to charity. Awesome to be able to help with such a wonderful event!

Silvertung – All we can say is that we are absolutely thrilled to be playing this epic festival! It’s gonna be an incredible evening of insanely talented artists from all types of rock and roll. The hype is real!!! We can’t wait to see you there!!!!

Digital Beat Magazine wants to thank Sam Sour from Silvertung, Jamie Suttle, and Outshyne for taking the time to share their thoughts! 

Come join the fun, enjoy some live music, and help support our American Troops and their families! You do not want to miss this!

The event takes place at Denver Downs Farm, located at 1515 Denver Rd in Anderson, SC THIS WEEKEND on August 30 & 31, 2019. For tickets to the event, different package options, or more information, visit the Operation Music Fest website.