Steve Hackett Brings The Past To The Present With Legendary Live Show

Steve Hackett live at Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht © Sylvia Wijnands

Utrecht, The Netherlands – Legendary English prog-rock artist Steve Hackett paid a visit to Utrecht, The Netherlands for two sold-out nights in a row on March 7th and 8th. Hackett has been known for being the guitarist of Genesis from 1971 till 1977, but after leaving the band he has built a thriving solo career, with numerous albums, with the latest Surrender Of Silence being released September 2021.

On this tour, a show consists of two parts. For the first part of the evening, Steve Hackett played a selection from his solo work. A mix of older songs like “Shadow Of The Hierophant” from the album Voyage Of The Acolyte (released in 1975), “Clocks” and “Every Day” from the album Spectral Mornings (released in 1979), and new songs “Held In The Shadows” and “The Devil’s Cathedral” from his latest album were played. After that set, there was a short break.

During second part of the evening, the band played the album Seconds Out by Genesis, released originally in 1977, in its entirety. Although the audience reacted enthusiastically to Hackett’s solo work as well, a large part of the crowd really seemed to come here for hearing Seconds Out being played again. The many Genesis T-shirts were a give-away of that! With the album being played in its entirety, the setlist was of course no surprise. Throughout the evening, the music was of high quality without a moments slump. That´s an achievement I have great respect for because the whole show lasted for almost three hours. 

From the first tones of the strong opening track “Squonk”, the band took the audience back in time. The second song on the setlist was the beautiful “Carpet Crawlers”, a song that has always been a personal favorite of mine. Legendary “Firth Of Fifth” is always a crowd favorite, among others due to Steve Hackett´s famous guitar solo in which is a distinct style of playing can be heard. When twenty four-minute-long masterpiece “Supper’s Ready” began, the audience started cheering. It was clear that this was one of the songs everyone was waiting for!

I have seen few musicians who can put so much emotion into their instruments and move you without words. It was not just Steve Hackett who played so well, every band member is super talented. Nad Sylvan (singer), Roger King (keyboards), Jonas Reingold (bassist), Rob Townsend (saxophone), and Craig Blundell (drums) are all extraordinary musicians and made the evening a spectacular show. The band also showed a lot of joy while playing, having interactions with the crowd and with each other as well.


Steve Hackett
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Steve Hackett and his band will continue touring worldwide with Seconds Out. For tickets and more information, visit his website HERE

Setlist Part One:
Clocks – The Angel Of Mons
Held In The Shadow
Every Day
The Devil’s Cathedral
Shadow Of The Hierophant

Setlist Part Two:
Carpet Crawlers
Robbery, Assault And Battery
Firth Of Fifth
I Know What I Like
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
The Musical Box
Supper´s Ready
The Cinema Show
Dance On A Volcano
Los Endos

Show Date: March 7, 2022