Sammy Hagar and The Circle Get Amp’d Up in Pompano Beach

Sammy Hagar and the Circle perform at the newly renovated Pompano Beach Amphitheater in Pompano Beach, FL on March 5, 2022.

Pompano Beach, FL The Amphitheater in Pompano Beach, FL serves as the backdrop for what promises to be great night of rock and roll. Sammy Hagar and the Circle are among the first artists to perform at the recently renovated 3,000 seat venue. Taking advantage of the lull caused by the pandemic, the city invested 3.5 million dollars in equipping the amphitheater with covered seating, among other amenities. The show on March 5, 2022 serves as a warm up for the band as they prepare for their upcoming Crazy Times Tour this summer, on which George Thorogood and the Destroyers will open.

The Rico Monaco Band opened the show on this night. The band, led by Rico Monaco, entertains with a collection of covers, mashups and original tunes. The slimmed down version of the band do an excellent job of getting the audience excited for Sammy and the Circle.

Sammy Hagar and the Circle are Sammy Hagar (Vocals), Vic Johnson (Guitar), Michael Anthony (Bass) and Jason Bonham (Drums). This lineup just gels so well. They have a good time while performing and enjoy performing for fans. The on-stage banter between Michael and Sammy is light-hearted. The jabs at Jason for his English, not British, accent are fun to watch, as witnessed right before the band tears into Led Zeppelin classic, “Rock n Roll”.

The show includes a fantastic collection of music spanning the entirety of Sammy Hagar’s  career, including songs from Montrose, his solo career, Van Halen and The Circle. Fans sing along with so many the songs they grew up with like “There’s Only One Way to Rock”, “Top of the World”, “Finish What You Started”, “Right Now” and the ever popular, “I Can’t Drive 55”. The set list for the show contains songs that every one knows and loves. 

Time, age or maybe just years of having a good time does show on Sammy’s vocal capacity, but that’s okay. Sammy has more than excellent vocal support from Michael Anthony with his iconic, high-pitch singing. The show culminates with a crowd led chorus of the Van Halen classic, “When It’s Love”. The crowd exists the Pompano Beach Amphitheater and you can feel the buzz in the air. Fans are more than thrilled with the show they experienced.

If this is a warm up for the Crazy Times Tour, this summer promises to be on fire musically!

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Set List

  1. Trust Fund Baby
  2. There’s Only One Way to Rock
  3. Rock Candy
  4. Three Lock Box
  5. Top of the World
  6. Little White Lie
  7. Finish What You Started
  8. Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy
  9. Human Beings
  10. Ain’t Talking ‘bout Love
  11. Good Enough
  12. Right Now
  13. Why Can’t This Be Love
  14. Rock n Roll ( Led Zeppelin )
  15. Heavy Metal
  16. Mas Tequila
  17. I Can’t Drive 55
  18. When It’s Love

Show Date: March 5, 2022