Sigma LXXXV 2019 Tour with THE ALARM at Chicago House of Blues Proves Not To Be A Nostalgic 80’s Comeback Tour

Mike Peters at the House of Blues in Chicago, IL on 08/16/2019 | Photo © Kim Zahnow 2019

Chicago, Illinois – Performing at The Chicago House of Blues, The Alarm is half way through their North American Tour. Newly released album Sigma is now toping the charts back home with the #1 Rock Album in the U.K. 

Featuring Modern English and Jay Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel, there is a sound that will make a veteran 80’s crowd feel at home, but this is not a nostalgic comeback 80’s tour. The Sigma LXXXV Tour 2019 has the talent, energy, and message for THIS moment in time.

The night began with Jay Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel opening a 40 minute set. Watching Jay lose himself in the music as he delivered on vocals was an experience, along with James Stevenson on guitar, Pete Rizzo on bass, and Joel Patterson on drums, the band commanded the audience and were ready to rock. 

Modern English also entertained with the singer Robbie Grey’s charismatic energy, Gary McDowell on guitar, Mick Conroy on bass, Stephen Walker on keyboard, and Roy Martain on drums. Closing their set with the huge classic hit, “I Melt With You”, united the audience.

The Alarm took the stage at 10pm. Combined with over 40 years of music, the talent of Mike Peters (vocals, guitar, and harmonica), Steve “Smiley” Barnard (drums), James Stevenson (guitar), and Jules Peters (keyboard) pushed life-giving energy to flow through their music. Mike Peters was not just performing, he was connecting. Life experience, relationship, and incredible talent come together for this concert.

Mike Peters shared that while his wife Jules Peters was battling cancer, he would record his thoughts on his phone, much like his stream of consciousness. It was these thoughts that inspired both the Equals Album and the Sigma Album. As a three time cancer survivor himself, Mike Peters has a perspective of both battling cancer and supporting his wife through her journey. They have lived through that war together and have produced something profoundly significant for the world to hear. 

“This is your life, this is your days, so make them the best you can while you still have time.” – from “Time” by The Alarm 

The Alarm share their personal journeys facing real life battles through their music with the energy that can only flow from being alive with passion. Go catch the band live at a concert, listen to the Sigma album, and hear the positive, empowering words of the journey – of not knowing, surrendering, persevering, healing, and finding hope. Strength and love have a place in the challenges of life. For more about the organization on a mission to save lives, one concert at a time, check out the Love Hope Strength Foundation, co-founded by Mike Peters and James Chippendale.

Current to what is happening in the world right now, you will also want to add some more Vinyl to your 1980’s collection.

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Show Date: August 16, 2019