September Mourning Releases New Single

The Graphic Novel Art Project band September Mourning released a new single,’ Killing This Love’. The video from the dark culture fantasy band was created by the band’s guitarist Rich Juzwick (former guitarist for Gemini Syndrome) and is a follow-up from the previous released ‘Wake The Dead’ which was released in December 2020.

“’Kill this Love’ is the musical adaptation of a specific feeling…. the heaviness one feels in their heart when it becomes the obvious prey of someone or something they cannot escape from.
The music alternates back and forth from heavy to sparse in an almost agitated way as to depict the emotional rollercoaster of the lyric.
As pertaining to the comic, ‘Kill this Love’ depicts the inner struggle of the protagonist September as she looks back on her battle with Fate and the strange pull he seems to have over her. She struggles internally with her desire to fight for what she loves and the pain it brings her.” – SEPTEMBER

September Mourning is based on a graphic novel, from the mind of Emily Lazar (September) and comic legend, Marc Silvestri. The band of “Reapers” brings the story to life on stage and includes Rich Juzwick (former guitarist for Gemini Syndrome), Kyle Mayer (former drummer for 10 Years), and Aaron Hoover (former guitarist for Sea of Treachery).


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