Quick Ten With Jeff Land, From The Band Casting Shadowz

Photo Credit: (c) Scott Whiteman 2020

In the past few months, Casting Shadowz has been making a name for themselves. Since the conception of the band, they have been tweaking things for the better. There have been tweaks to the lineup, but the current lineup Jeff Land, Don Caldwell, Todd Martin, and Louie Ramirez have been entertaining their fans with their music. Casting Shadowz has been nominated for the Blue Water Music Awards as well as Detroit Music Awards. DBM was able to chat with lead singer and one of the founding members, Jeff Land. We had a quick chat about the new EP and the band’s chances of winning the Detroit Music Awards. 

Digital Beat Magazine: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Currently, you are in the band Casting Shadowz with your fellow bandmates Donald Caldwell (Drums), Todd Martin (Bassist) and Louie Ramirez (Guitar). For someone who may not be familiar with your sound, how would you describe it?

Jeff Land: We are a hard rock band with a twist of metal. Lol

DBM: When did the idea of putting the band together come to be?

Jeff Land of Casting Shadowz. Photo Credit: (c) Scott Whiteman 2019

JL: Don and I had been trying to get together for years but never connected until we started this project. I had some songs I wrote that I wanted to put out. So we started getting to work. We did our 1st show as Casting Shadowz at Diesel Concert Theatre in Michigan with Tantric.

DBM: Who thought of the name of the band?

JL: I had a list of like 50 band names I collected over the years. We were submitting music to festivals and needed a name asap! I gave Don the list and he pointed at Casting Shadowz right off the bat. That’s what stuck!

DBM: I did some research, into the history of the band. Granted it was limited to what information I could find but from what I can tell the lineup has changed through the years if I have my information correct. How and when did the final lineup for the band come to be? Did it just morph to what it is today?

JL: It kind of just morphed into what it is today. We started as a 3 pc. Don, Me, and a diff bass player. The drama got to be too much so we got rid of him. Todd hit me up on Facebook and has been with us since (about 2 years now). Louie just joined us a few months back.

DBM: Congrats on the release of Casting Shadowz’s new EP, ‘Side A’. How long did it take to write and record the EP?

JL: The songs were already written. They were songs I had written but never did any recordings of [them]. We tightened them up and recorded our EP ‘Side A’. Recording took a little while due to a lack of finances but eventually came together. That took just over a year to get done.

DBM: Where did you record it at? Was it a self-produced EP or did you have a producer fro the EP?

JL: Soundshop Studio in Macomb, Mi. with Kevin William. I had an idea of what I wanted it to sound like and Kevin was a great help in getting it off the ground. He was really helpful in the whole process.

DBM: How would you describe the process of putting the EP together? Is it a joint effort, where members add their two cents or are the process much different?

JL: We haven’t recorded anything yet that the band has written together, as a whole. So not really sure how it will play out. I’d love for everyone to have an input on what we are doing though. The next CD we will have new songs written and I’m sure it’ll be total collaboration on everyone’s part.

DBM: Which part do you like more the writing, recording or playing live?

JL: I love ALL aspects of it! They are all different beasts. But I would say playing live is IT for me. Nothing touches that feeling.

DBM: Congratulations on being nominated for the Detroit Music Awards in the categories ‘Outstanding Rock Record for our EP Side A’,’ Outstanding Heavy/Hard Rock Group’,’ Outstanding Video on a budget for This Life…’ and ‘Outstanding Live Performance’. After reviewing the list of artists/bands that are up for these categories, you are keeping company with many talented people from the Detroit area. How does it feel to be nominated? How does the band feel about the nomination?

JL: Nomz feels great! There are def some great bands in these categories and it is an honor to be included in that group

DBM: What do you think your chances of winning the Detroit Music Award?

JL: Winning? Slim. Lol. But…Stranger things have happened? We’re happy just to be a part of it all.

DBM: What does it mean, to you, to be a musician?

JL: Being a musician is…..LIFE TO ME! Any emotion you are feeling you can translate with music and creativity

DBM: If you don’t mind, I would like to change gear for a moment. I would like to ask you a few off the wall questions. The questions were originally asked by another interviewer, James Lipton of the ‘Actor Studio’. I am always curious about the responses to these questions. What is your favorite word?

JL: FUCK! You can literally use it ANYWHERE! LOL

DBM: What is your least favorite word?


DBM: What turns you off? It can be just about anything.

JL: Bad/Neg attitudes….rude people.

DBM: What sound or noise do you love?

JL: Distortion, low driving bass, double kick drums, and the sound of the crowd.

DBM: What sound or noise do you hate?

JL: Uncontrolled Feedback

DBM: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

JL: I went to school for psychology but never finished. [I am] always interested in human behavior. Really music is ALL I that I would want to do.

DBM: What profession would you not like to do?

JL: The medical field, I hate seeing people in pain.

DBM: Is there anything else you would say that I didn’t cover in this interview?

JL: Just check us out on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram…remember, it’s SHADOW(Z) WITH A Z! LOL

DBM: Thank you for your time and thank you for doing this interview. Good luck with the EP and the Detroit Music Awards.

JL: Thank you for taking the time to interview us. Be safe! Peace.

(l-r)Louie Ramirez, Donald Caldwell, Jeff Land, and Todd Martin. Photo Credit: (c) Scott Whiteman 2020.

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