Photo Gallery: Nothing More, Atreyu, and Eva Under Fire Continue to WOW fans!

Nothing More | Atreyu | Eva Under Fire Tour Bill 2022
Nothing More | Atreyu | Eva Under Fire Tour Bill 2022

Indianapolis, IN. – Most fans were aware of the changes to the line-up before showing up at Old National Centre Saturday evening, but if not, ONC had big signs on all the doors informing fans that Asking Alexandria would not be performing as originally scheduled. Due to a lingering throat infection, Asking Alexandria’s lead vocalist Danny Worsnop has been advised to remain on vocal rest; which ultimately meant the band had to drop out of their co-headlining tour. (No worries though, as AA has promised to reschedule the tour once Danny has healed – Be sure to send him all the healing energy for a quick recovery!!) This unfortunate situation left Nothing More holding the reins, and along with support acts Atreyu and Eva Under Fire, the decision was made to continue the tour as “the show must go on”…which brings us to Saturday night.

Up first were rockers Eva Under Fire featuring Amanda Lyberg (lead vocals), Rob Lyberg (guitar), Corey Newsome (drums) and Ed Gawlik III (bass/vocals). These rockers out of Detroit, MI brought their “A” game to the stage and did exactly what an opener act does – get the fans in the room and get that energy up and going! Check out future dates with Eva Under Fire here


  • Comatose
  • Blow
  • Herion(e)
  • The Strong
  • I Will Fight
  • Coming for Blood
  • Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) – Journey cover
  • Until Forever



Next up was Atreyu – a metalcore band based out of Yorba Linda, CA. that features members Brandon Seller (clean vocals),  Dan Jacobs (lead guitar), Travis Miguel (rhythm guitar), Marc “Porter” McKnight (unclean vocals, bass) and Kyle Rosa (drums).  Currently out touring behind their newest album Baptize (2021 via Spinefarm Records) – Be sure to check them out if you catch them coming through your area. I guarantee a head bangin’, crowd surfing good time will be had by all!


  • Strange Powers of Prophecy
  • Baptize
  • Becoming the Bull
  • Right Side of the Bed
  • The Time is Now
  • Ex’s and Oh’s
  • Save Us
  • Falling Down
  • Battle Drums
  • Warrior
  • Blow



After a quick stage change over, a handful of Hall & Oats greatest hits and a John Denver Country Road’ sing-a-long, it was time for Nothing More.  As members Jonny Hawkins (lead vocals, scorpion tail), Mark Vollelunga (guitar), Daniel Oliver (bass), and Ben Anderson (drums) took the stage, they wasted no time getting down to business. It was a solid, fast moving 90-minute set that gave the crowd of all ages exactly what they came for. *Quick shout out to the band who noticed a little and his dad struggling on the rail due to the continuous stream of crowd surfing. The band took a moment to stop the show, pull the kid and his dad out of the crowd, and calm the energy in the room a bit to help everyone stay safe and aware of their surroundings. 


  • Turn It Up Like (Stand in the Fire)
  • Let em’ Burn
  • Christ Copyright
  • Mr. MTV
  • Do You Really Want It?
  • Tunnels
  • Jenny
  • Don’t Stop
  • Go to War
  • I’ll Be Ok
  • Tired of Winning/Ships in the Night
  • Fadein/Fadeout
  • Ocean Floor
  • This Is the Time (Ballast)



This tour continues through the end of June before Nothing More hits the Festivals in July. We look forward to seeing them again at UPHEAVAL FESTIVAL on July 16th. You can check here for dates near you.

Show Date: 6/04/2022