Periphery Energizes Philly

Periphery performing at the TLA | Philadelphia | PA | 9/10/2019 Photo by © Carl Roccia

Philadelphia, PA – Periphery slammed into Philadelphia’s Theater of the Living Arts (TLA) on Tuesday night to a sold out crowd.

Covet, a trio from San Jose, CA, opened the show. The band is headed by Yvette Young, a multi-talented instrumentalist, and joined by David Adamiak (bass) and Forrest Rice (drums). Veil of Maya ramped it up next with their unique style of metal, shredding a 40 plus minute set as the crowd of both younger and seasoned metal heads began to pack the theater.

Veil of Maya | TLA Philly | 9/10/2019 Photo by © Carl Roccia

In talking with a couple who trekked over from upstate NY for the show, they described the music as “Djent” style – progressive and rhythmic with technical complexity.

Veil of Maya | TLA Philly | 9/10/2019 Photo by © Carl Roccia




The lighting for both opening acts left a lot to be desired (from a photographer point of view), but when Periphery hit the stage, strobes and lasers took over.

Vocalist Spencer Sotelo demonstrated a wide range from melodic highs to growling lows. The band’s intensity increased throughout the show, as the audience digested the energy and threw it right back to the stage. All five musicians are at the top of their game and 10 minutes into the show a circular mosh pit formed. 

Periphery Members:
Misha Mansoor – guitar
Jake Bowen – guitar
Matt Halpern – drums
Spencer Sotelo – vocals
Mark Holcomb  – guitar 

I wanted to review this show to see what all the hype was about. I now know why fans came from so far to witness the musicianship on stage. This band uses an extended range of 6, 7 and 8-string guitars and the show was excellent. As I write this article, “Blood Eagle” is playing in the other room – a must download!

Periphery revealed that they have begun tracking songs for their fifth studio album. Their latest album, Periphery IV: Hail Stan, was released April 2019.


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Show Date: 9/10/2019

Veil of Maya – Official Music Video for “Overthrow”:

Covet – Full band play-through video of “Falkor”: