More Confident Then Ever, K. Michelle Dubois Back With New Album “The Fever Returns”

K. Michelle Dubois

K. Michelle Dubois is a solo artist from Atlanta, GA. She has been around in the music scene for quite some time, starting her music career in the early nineties with her band Ultrababyfat. Which led to opening shows for numerous famous acts like PJ Harvey and in 2001 a place at the Warped Tour as one of the few female-led bands. Fast forward, K Michelle Dubois has already released three solo albums and now she will release her fourth album “The Fever Returns”. Here at Digital Beat Magazine, we had the privilege to have a listen to it before it was released.

The Fever Returns is an energetic rock album packed with power-pop and dark indie-rock songs. It contains nine songs, beginning with the opening track, which carries the same title as the album, “The Fever Returns”. The song as well as the video was released as a single on January 28th. “Spring 2019 I literally had a fever that was coming and going (Strep). I said “the fever returns” out loud after checking my temperature. But the song evolved to be about the Fever for living.” K Michelle told us in a recent interview about the new album.
Watch the video below.


“On the Run Again” is one of the songs that stood out to me. The song has a tough attitude with powerful guitar hooks. It’s catchy and perfect to take your car for a ride. Lyrically, it is about avoiding other people, running away from them out of fear that they might come too close. A nice touch to visualize the lyrics are in the bridge of the song, you can hear short little breaths as if she is actually running.
Halfway through the album, the dark rock songs are getting a break by a slightly lighter feeling song. “Waves Break” is a summer song with an eighties feel, especially because of the clearly present synthesizers. This song has previously been released as a single in 2019.
“All night Glamour” is another catchy power-pop song and is definitely an earworm of a song! A mysterious man, night time and glamour are what the song is about. I imagine it could be one of the highlights during a concert when live music is back.

The Fever Returns
On The Run Again
Waves Break
Southern Gothic Dream
Strawberry Moon
All Night Glamour
Baby Witch

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