Mick Jenkins and EarthGang Vibe’n at The Van Buren

Mick Jenkins performing at The Van Buren in Phoenix, AZ on 1/24/2020. Photo by Trace Garrett

Phoenix, AZ – The best part of the week to a lot of people is Friday. The work week was rough, school is stressful, and all of the problems from the past four days are working your last nerve, but all is not bad. It’s Friday and time to dress up, turn up and go have fun at The Van Buren. The crowd is out to enjoy the rap duo from Atlanta, Georgia, EarthGang, with an added bonus that includes Chicago based rapper, Mick Jenkins.

Mick Jenkins at The Van Buren in Phoenix on 1/24/2020. Photo by Trace Garrett.

When Mick Jenkins walks on stage, the crowd instantly gets a buzz of enthusiasm. The anticipation of the night’s fun finally begins and he delivers chill upbeat vibez that gets the crowd going and rapping along with him, cementing that he’s well known and he and his fan base are growing at a fast rate. He controls the tempo of the crowd with accuracy and gentleness, as he leads them into the 2014 song “Vibez”, laying down solid word placement that gets the crowd to remember why they listen to him and why they came to see him. It also gives him an opening to introduce the main act, EarthGang.

The rap duo came out with a bang – first thanking Mick Jenkins and then continuing to jam the night away with enthusiasm and the promotion of self-love and fun. They continued the night by asking the audience, “who can dance?” Then, brought audience members on stage to dance along with them and giving them a chance to show off their dance moves on stage in front of the crowd. As they switched the tempo to a chill atmosphere, they did something that made the crowd love them even more. They paid homage with a moment of silence for late rapper “Mac Miller”, who died last year. Giving credit to where credit is do, the duo showed nothing but love to the deceased rapper and made sure everyone knew how he affected their lives and many others with his love and wisdom of music. With the tribute and blessings, the energy of the crowd turned into appreciation and love. The two rappers continued to play the night away ending their show by interacting with fans, taking pictures, answering questions and giving out humble energy that made sure to solidify their fan base.


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Show Date: 1/24/2020