Matt Maeson Comes Home Sharing Tales of a Journey into Darkness and a Return to the Light

Matt Maeson at The Broadberry in Richmond, VA on 11/3/2019. Photo credit Dave Pearson 2019.

Richmond, VA – Homecomings are not just for the holidays anymore. Local artist, Matt Maeson, created his own holiday when he took to the stage at the sold out Broadberry in Richmond, VA on November 3rd, 2019. Unlike so many homecomings during the holidays, there were no discussions on why the Lions can’t win on Thanksgiving, why the turkey this year is more moist than the one last year (thankfully there were no turkeys), or what exactly is in the green jello-like substance that appears to have slivers of carrots dispersed throughout. This homecoming was a celebration of a local young man who went out to find his fortune, returning home to share the tale with all. It was a great night.

The first to appear at the homecoming were like long lost cousins who had met Matt on the road are were preparing the audience for his arrival. Moby Rich, consisting of Maxwell Joseph and Connor Pledger, was a fun band and set the stage for Matt very well. They brought a lot of energy, good music, and some fun road stories to the awaiting family members. There did seem to be a little disagreement between Maxwell and Connor regarding whether Matt wanted them to perform well to the hometown crowd (to build anticipation) or whether he wanted them to perform badly to make Matt look even better. It was obvious that there was a close relationship between Moby Rich and Matt.

Having a little fun with Moby Rich at The Broadberry in Richmond, VA 11/3/2019. Photo credit: Dave Pearson

When Matt arrived, his hometown family dropped what they were doing, stood and cheered. Matt opened his show with “Tread on Me” from his album, Bank on the Funeral. As with any homecoming, especially after an extended absence, there is much catching up to do and lots of stories to tell. Matt did so with much of his music.

Matt Maeson at The Broadberry in Richmond, VA. 11/3/2019. Photo credit: Dave Pearson

Matt told many stories to the audience of that which took him away from home as well as that which brought him back. He shared that he sang the song, “Straight Razor” for the first time this tour… “and I only screwed it up once”. The words, “I killed everything but my shame” tells of the journey that has been long and hard. The audience, like any good family, listened to Matt, often singing along as if to confirm that they have been with him on his journey and glad he found his way home. 

This extended family of the crowd was not the only ones in attendance. Matt introduced us to his parents and sister before bringing his father to the stage to join him in performing “Mr. Rattlebone“. It was obvious that the family that shreds together will stay together. The father-son experience was touching and a true indication that this homecoming was a success. 

Matt Maeson shredding with his father at The Broadberry in Richmond, VA. 11/3/2019. Photo credit: Dave Pearson

So much of the performance was indicative of Matt’s ongoing journey. While he had made it home, the journey out of the dark would never truly end. Two songs that really drove this home were “Beggar’s Song“, written like a prayer when Matt was ‘not in a good place’ while drinking heavily during a tour in Texas. “Go Easy” followed, telling about a time when Matt’s ‘reflection made him ‘sick’ and when his ‘faith quit’. 

As the night drew to a close, stories of straying off the path were the norm, along with finding the path as key to the road home. In many respects, Matt is on a journey that will never end. Leaving the path was straying from his faith and his search for his faith brought him back to the path. All the while his Broadberry family listened intently, sometimes singing along, to remind him they were always with him. 

This was a very special night. Matt was home and his family was there to greet him. He shared the struggles of his journey as he strayed from his faith, a faith that ultimately helped him find the way back to the path. 

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Tread On Me
I Just Don’t Care That Much
Straight Razor
Feel Good
Mr. Rattlebone
Beggars’ Song
Go Easy
The Mask
Bank On The Funeral

Show Date: 11/03/2019

Want to see more of Matt? Check out this video for “Cringe“:

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