Magic Moon is Ready To Take Over The Netherlands

Magic Moon performing live at Q Factory, Amsterdam on 01/28/2020. Photo ©Sylvia Wijnands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Instead of a normal live show, I attended the recording of a radio show this evening. Countdown Café, as the show is called, broadcasts every Sunday on NH Radio and always invites bands to play live in the show with free entrance for the crowd. The show started broadcasting in 1982 and bands such as U2, Simple Minds and Joe Jackson have made appearances on the show. Tonight, Magic Moon and the Marcel Scherpenzeel Band were playing.

The reason I wanted to attend the show was to see Magic Moon, a Dutch band from The Hague. The band consists of Wouter Pols (bass and vocals), Robbert de Jongh (guitar and vocals), Timo van de Ven (organ and backing vocals) and Stijn Speksnijder (drums). The music they make is best described as psychedelic/blues-rock, influenced by the classic bands like Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin, but also more modern day bands like Tame Impala or Arctic Monkeys.

With their debut EP “Night Circus” released in 2018, they have already played many venues here in The Netherlands and also toured to Belgium, France, and Germany. Having their first radio appearance on national radio in The Netherlands last year, things are buzzing around them and a breakthrough seems within their reach. With their catchy, but dark melody they know to put on a compelling show. They play with confidence and seem completely comfortable on stage. Being that this was a radio show, they only play a few songs. I would have enjoyed hearing them play longer!

Their new single, “Come To Me”, will be released on the 7th of February on all streaming platforms. The song is about a relationship that starts as some sort of trophy hunt, but later on it is completely turned upside down. The hunter becomes the hunted and longs for his second half in a way that he has never experienced before, resulting in an almost desperate attempt to keep the other close. “Come To Me” is produced and mixed by Jasper Zuidervaart (Chef’ Special, Jack and the Weatherman).

The Vagabond
Je Suis Mark
Come To Me


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The other band of the evening was the Marcel Scherpenzeel Band, a blues-rock band that played some of their own work as well as covers of Rory Gallagher. From the moment they start playing it was clear that they have quite some fans in Amsterdam! I have to admit that I was not familiar with this band. The band consists of Marcel Scherpenzeel (guitar/vocals), Damian de Weerd (drums), Bobby Jacobs (bass). Founder of the band, Marcel, has played for eight years with Band of Friends (the original band of Rory Gallagher) and has played all over Europe. In 2020, they will be touring with their Marcel Scherpenzeel Plays Rory Gallagher Tour.

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Show Date: January 28, 2020