Maggie Rogers: Don’t Forget Me

Maggie Rogers | Don't Forget Me Tour | Indianapolis, IN. | 06.05.24 | Photo by: ©Pix Meyers
Maggie Rogers | Don't Forget Me Tour | Indianapolis, IN. | 06.05.24 | Photo by: ©Pix Meyers

Indianapolis, IN. – It was a very rainy night in Indy but that did not discourage fans from putting on their rain gear and heading to Everwise Amphitheater at White River State Park for an almost sold out show with the sensational Maggie Rogers. Fans almost appeared to enjoy the summer showers as the rain cooled down the high humidity that had set in over the last few days. Even the universe got involved by presenting a rainbow over the crowd in-between sets. The rain eventually tapered off to clear skies just in time for the main performance.

Maggie Rogers is currently out touring behind her third studio album, Don’t Forget Me, out now via Debay Sound/Capitol Records. Co-produced by Maggie, along with Ian Fitchuk of Electric Lady Studios, this 10 track album is the soundtrack for a perfect Sunday afternoon. In fact, that is exactly what Maggie intended. All tracks were written by both Maggie and Ian with the exception of two songs that Maggie exclusively wrote herself. Indy fans were treated to the full album in Wednesday night’s performance with only “On & On & On” being excluded from the set.

Amber Mary Bain aka the Japanese House opening for Maggie Rogers - Indianapolis. Photo by: ©Pix Meyers
Amber Mary Bain aka the Japanese House opening for Maggie Rogers – Indianapolis. Photo by: ©Pix Meyers

Kicking off the night was opener English Indie Pop artist Amber Mary Bain, professionally known as the Japanese House. Their set was well received by the crowd with the Japanese House, even commenting how cool it was to see some fans singing along to their songs. They definitely set the tone for the show and it wasn’t hard to see why Maggie chose them for support of Part I of the tour.

After a quick set change over, it was time for Maggie. The band walked onto the stage and started into “It Was All Coming Along” which is the first track off the new album. Maggie rose center stage donned all in white with a leotard, matching skirt, leg warmers, hose and shoes. To use the old cliché that she was “a vision in white” would be an understatement. She was absolutely stunning and the fans could not get enough! Maggie moved with grace and energy like a professional dancer telling a story. The music moved through her; it poured out of every fiber of her being and washed over the crowd. The set was an intimate exchange between performer and audience. Maggie would often talk to the crowd in-between songs, telling stories or how a song came to be. One of the most personal moments of the show was when the band left the stage and it was just Maggie; sitting behind the piano, talking about that quiet space in time on a Sunday morning when the world is not quite awake and your able to hear your thoughts. Your “truths” as she stated. Inspiration can be found in those quiet moments if you just listen. 

Photos by: ©Pix Meyers




  • It Was Coming All Along
  • Drunk
  • So Sick of Dreaming
  • The Kill
  • Say It
  • Dog Years
  • Love You For A Long Time
  • Never Going Home
  • Retrograde
  • If Now Was Then
  • I Still Do
  • Alaska
  • Back In My Body
  • Light On
  • That’s Where I Am
  • All The Same
  • Don’t Forget Me


Maggie Rogers will be out touring Part I of the Don’t Forget Me tour through June before taking a brief break in July. She heads overseas through August and September before coming back to the U.S. for Part II of the tour in October. This is one to capture if you can. After what I witnessed in Indy, I don’t believe Maggie needs to worry about anyone “forgetting” her anytime soon! 

Show Date: 06.05.2024