Kitten Pyramid Release New Album Kiddo

Kitten Pyramid

After releasing their first album Uh-Oh and second album Koozy!!, Kitten Pyramid will return with their new album Kiddo on December 9th through FlipFlop Records. Along with their new album, they will also release a short film also named Kiddo.

Upon the first few listens throughout Kiddo, it’s an album filled with catchy brit rock songs. It’s easy to the ear mixed with some more experimental sounds. The heavier songs like “Jalapenos” or “Whale” are nicely balanced with the calmer melodic songs like “Road Hog” and “Biscuits”. All the tracks together form a beautiful whole.

But then I started really listening to the lyrics. They are much darker and more poignant than you would expect when you are not paying attention to them. The theme of this album is something that the founder of the band Scott Milligan personally drives: vegetarianism. Singing about the subject of eating meat and its environmental impact. On what has driven Scott to write about this subject he has said:

“I drove past an abattoir truck just before Christmas 2021 and imagined what it would be like if I was crammed in there with my family, confused, terrified, and afraid for our lives. It cascaded into an idea for a short film and subject to underpin the songs I had been writing for album three. I’ve spent the last year researching the subject and interviewing experts from both sides of the debate for my YouTube channel and series ‘Veggie Nuggets’. I wanted to be able to discuss the subject with a better understanding because it’s still very controversial and I’m delighted that the Vegetarian Society have given me their full support”.

One of the best tracks on the album in my opinion is “Animals”. Musically it is very well put together with a nice beat at the beginning but it also has something sinister before the lyrics tell the story from the point of view of a pig on its way to the abattoir, making it poignant and thought-provoking.

Side A
Kiddo introduction
Road hog
Everyone’s a know all
Whale (feat Eli Bishop & Sam Sweeney)

Side B
Blue in the face
GoBbLe gObBle
Love song