Jehry Robinson Tours the Centennial State at the Dawn of Post Pandemic Year

Jehry Robinson performing at The Roxy Theater in Denver, CO on 02/19/2022. Photo Credit:© Veronica Vera 2022

Denver, Colorado The Roxy was packed Saturday night for the third stop in a Colorado tour by Jehry Robinson of Strange Music. Jehry hit the road on a three show line up in Colorado last week with shows in Ft. Collins on the 17th, Colorado Springs on the 18th, and lastly Denver on the 19th. When Jehry announced his mini tour, his fans responded on social media with so much excitement. Strange Music fans are quick to organize trips and decided where to meet so they could catch this show with their friends. Many of Jehry’s fans made a point to attend all three Colorado shows. Jehry Robinson’s following has noticeably grown since becoming one of the newest members of the Strange Music family. The sizable crowd at the Denver show was impressive but did not come at a surprise. Strange Music fans are passionate and they showed up in droves to The Roxy. 

Jehry is from Long Island, New York which is where he started his music career. In 2016, Jehry and his wife Tara, launched a very successful management company called FBA (Famous By Association) which has been growing strong ever since it’s launch. Strange Music fans have grown accustomed to seeing Tara at the shows. It’s apparent to anyone that’s met this powerful duo, that combined talent and effort is the force behind their success. Whether at shows or on social media, fans can’t help but love seeing this power couple do what they do best.

When Jehry took stage on Saturday, the crowd was hyped. His fans roared the moment he stepped into the spot light. We all knew it was set to be a very fun night with just him and his fans. He jumped into his fan favorites such as “No Refunds“, “Foresight“, and “In My Feels” from his album “20/Twenty” to much fanfare. When he started a song, he would tease the audience and engage with them like they were sitting around the studio with him. The way Jehry interacts with his fans is something that many artists could learn from.

Jehry segued into songs such as “Out My Face”, “Butterflies”, and “Living Proof” from his new album “The Name Is Not Important“, and the crowd went nuts. 

We got to sit down with Jehry after the show for this interview. Jehry is so generous with his time and talent on and off the stage. His fans really love that despite Jehry’s rise and on going success, he is still greets them with so much warmth and appreciation. 

Digital Beat Magazine: You were signed to Strange Music mere months before the pandemic started. How did that effect you and how did it feel to be on the Strange New World tour?

Jehry Robinson: It was a huge blessing for me, signing to Strange Music before the pandemic. I signed in December 2019 and dropped my first EP. I was given the huge opportunity to open select dates for Tech N9ne’s Enterfear tour in April. Then, the pandemic hit in March 2020 shutting down the world. My team FBA and I quickly assessed alternative avenues to cultivate and perfect the music, promote the music, engage with the fans, and generating income during this time when so much was unknown, Im grateful for that time. Fast forward to September 2021. I opened for Tech on the Strange New World tour, 68 dates nationwide. I’m extremely grateful I get to do what I love.

DBM: Your wife and you own the management company FBA, how does that play a part in your career with Strange Music?

JR: We rock as a team. If you see me, you usually see her too. We started FBA with nothing but a dream. Strange is so great because they saw us and our vision and have given us the tools and resources we needed.

DBM: How was it for you coming up in the music industry?

JR: Coming up, it took a lot of persistence and discipline to continue fighting the negativity and pushing through to break boundaries and ultimately become the person I am today.

DBM: Your sophomore album, “The Name Is Not Important” dropped recently. What do you feel is different with this album versus your first album, “20/Tewnty”?

JR: Yesterdays price is not todays price. Growth. It was 2 different worlds. Each album is growth to me. More experiences, more life lived.

DBM: Have your influences changed since signing to Strange Music?

JR: Yes, because they are constantly evolving.

DBM: You just wrapped up a three show mini tour in Colorado, what does the rest of the year look like for you and what are you most looking forward to?

JR: Oh man, Colorado was great! We’ve got a busy year ahead of us. More shows, more videos, a new album, and new music. Continuing to grow and build with Strange Music and FBA.

DBM: Thank you so much for your time and we can’t wait to see what is next for you.


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